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From Brokenness to Abundance, a 60-Day Journey ⇉ Review of The Way of Abundance by Ann Voskamp

Saturday, April 28, 2018
The Way of Abundance is a sixty-day devotional. Each day features a bible verse, a personal anecdote, and questions for reflection. Ann Voskamp's poetic language brings to life the mess of emotions and the wholeness to be found in the midst of our brokenness. Her story gives hope that our brokenness will lead us to Christ on our journey to abundant life.


Inspiring Message that Conveys Biblical Truth
When we're breaking inside, it's easy to feel alone, to feel like nothing can make us whole again. Voskamp speaks to the broken ones where they are. She does this by sharing her own experiences with brokenness and by professing the hope that is to be found through Christ, who also understands our pain and suffering.

Captivating Use of Poetic Language
Voskamp's language is poetic and beautiful to read. They not only paint a picture for the reader but the emotions brought about by the moments she describes. I enjoy reading the words over and over again to appreciate the beauty captured by her words.

Short and Sweet Devotionals
The devotions are short, no more than a few pages long each, and there are only two questions at the end for reflection. It's encouraging for the busy individual or the one who has a hard time sitting down for long periods of time to journal. The questions can spark reflection at various levels; you can get as much as you want out of this depending on how much time you want to invest in answering the questions.


Purpose of Bible Verses Not Clear
At the beginning of each chapter, Voskamp includes a bible verse. However, they aren't referenced in the actual devotional, so the reader is left to guess why that particular bible verse was included. This purpose isn't always clear.

"Stream Of Consciousness" Style of Writing
Voskamp's poetic use of language beautiful and heart stirring, but it does take its time reaching the message for the day. I confess that there were times when I wanted something more concrete and to the point.


Overall, I enjoyed Voskamp's devotional and would recommend it to individuals struggling to find purpose in their brokenness or hardships and to individuals searching for abundant, joyful living. A beautiful hardcover book with a ribbon bookmark, this would make a good gift.


What do you do when you wake up and feel like you're not enough for your life? Or when you look out the kitchen window as dusk falls and wonder how do you live when life keeps breaking your heart?

In sixty vulnerably soulful stories, The Way of Abundance moves from self-weary brokenness to Christ-focused givenness. Drawing from the critically acclaimed, New York Times bestseller The Broken Way and Ann's online essays, this devotional dares us to embrace brokenness as a gift that moves us to givenness as a way to draw closer to the heart of God. Christ Himself broke like bread, giving Himself to us so we might have a lifelong communion with Him. Could it be that our brokenness is also a gift to the world?



Publication Info
  • The Way of Abundance by Ann Voskamp
  • Published by Zondervan
  • On March 13, 2018
  • Genres: Fantasy
  • Pages: 256 Pages
  • Format: Hardback
  • N/A
  • N/A

A copy was provided for review by BookLook Bloggers. All opinions are my own.

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