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Friendship and Bullies ⇉ GIVEAWAY + Review of The Slithery Shakedown by Tracey Hecht

Monday, April 2, 2018
I love children's books that feature animals even more than I love children's books that feature magic, and that's saying something. I loved them so much growing up that I wanted to become a veterinarian, so I could spend my days with animals. My dreams have since changed, but I still appreciate a good book with animal protagonists.

The Nocturnals books are good books with animal protagonists. I'm delighted to not only share my thoughts on the latest addition to the series but a giveaway of the complete Nocturnals books!


Everything I Enjoyed About The Moonlight Meeting
I feel very unoriginal here, but it's also a sign that the series has stayed true to what makes it loveable!

  1. Full-colored illustrations that bring the characters and their unique personalities to life.
  2. Lively dialogue.
  3. A book about a group of friends.
  4. Fun facts about the Australian wildlife featured in this book. (Provided at the end.)

Themes of Bravery and Friendship
The Slithery Shakedown teaches good lessons to growing readers. In this installment of the Nocturnals Early Readers, the trio of friends learn what it means to be brave (that it is okay to be both scared and brave), and they provide a role model in standing up for your friends.

Fun Activities & Resources to Expand on the Reading Experience
The Nocturnals website provides resources that expand on the reading experience. The Early Readers website (growandread) has educational guides and book club kit materials. The Nocturnals site, which is intended for older readers (upper elementary and middle school) has some other activities, some of which may be used with younger readers depending on their reading level.


As always, I enjoyed this latest addition to the Nocturnals world. If I would add anything, I would love for the characters to show more complexities. At the moment, they're very much boxed into their type. In reality, we wouldn't be faced with one single problem. There are multiple elements that contribute to our problems. (A simple example would be being a person of color and a woman. Being poor and uneducated would also add to the complexities.)

All that said, this is a very short read, and I expect to see more Nocturnals books come out in the future. I hope to see more of the characters' development in future installments of the Early Readers books!


I love the Nocturnals books and what they bring to young readers, both in entertainment and in educational value. I am looking forward to reading more from Tracey Hecht. I especially love how these books are being used to promote reading. I highly recommend checking out the websites for the educational materials. This is a fun series that I can see bringing together older and younger values. I am saving this book to read with young readers in the future :)


Discover the friendship and humor of the Nocturnals Brigade! In The Slithery Shakedown, three unlikely friends—Tobin, a sweet pangolin, Bismark a loud-mouther sugar glider and Dawn, a serius fox—stand up to a big bully snake. In the process, they find themselves some spec-tac-u-lar snakeskin capes!


Thanks to the publisher, I have a full set of the Nocturnals books for giveaway. I love these books and am delighted to provide the set to one lucky reader!

As the publisher is only able to ship to the United States, you must have a U.S. mailing address to receive your prize.

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This book describes a time when a group of friends stood up for one of their own. I'd like to hear the same from you!


  1. A time when you stood up for a friend or family member.
  2. A time when a friend or family member stood up for you.
  3. OR A story you love in which a character stands up for another character.

Publication Info
  • The Slithery Shakedown by Tracey Hecht, illustrated by Josie Yee
  • Published by Fabled Films Press on April 10, 2018
  • Genres: Fantasy
  • Pages: 64 Pages
  • Format: Hardback
Series: The Nocturnals Early Reader
  1. The Moonlight Meeting
  2. The Slithery Shakedown
  • N/A

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