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When Mommy's Home with Me by Alison Moulton ⇉ A Sweet Tribute to Motherhood

Thursday, April 20, 2017
Everyone who's heard me talk about my mom knows how much I love and respect her. Mothers do so much for their children. As I age, I'll only keep learning more of these things. When Mommy's Home with Me is a book that both young readers and older readers can appreciate.


Diverse Mothers
Because the story doesn't focus on one family, it was able to portray mothers in different roles. There are mothers of various occupations spending time with their children. From the wording, it seems that some have decided to quit their jobs to stay at home with their children; others are still working.

Diverse Families
The families look different as well. There are diverse ethnic groups as well as families with children of different numbers, genders, and ethnicities. One thing in common is that the focus is on the mother, so the fathers are not portrayed.

Learning Opportunity for Children
Children will learn that mothers come in different shapes, colors, and occupations. They will learn about different types of occupations and what they may learn from someone in that occupation. There are also some words they may not know and will have the chance to learn.


Quick Pacing
Because the book features different mothers, each mother is allotted two pages. We zip through the different features, so the book moves quickly.

Lack of a Storyline
Also because the book doesn't focus on a single family: there is no coherent storyline. I could open the book to any page and read the two open pages on their own. That said, a young reader would enjoy learning about different types of occupations.

One Job / One "Role"
Such books do run the risk of stereotyping. Each mother is shown teaching or playing with their children in relation to their occupation. For example, scientist runs science experiments, the artist draws with her child, and the teacher teaches her child. The book doesn't teach children that a person's hobbies may differ greatly from his or her occupation.

That said, this is a book for younger readers, so it is helpful to teach in small chunks. The focus of this book is on mothers and their different occupations (and how children may learn from them). I would supplement this book with one that delves more deeply into the life of a single family; it would allow young readers to learn more about the complexities of life.


When Mommy's Home with Me is a sweet tribute to motherhood and the different kinds of mothers out there. This book provides a good learning opportunity for younger readers and will allow them to grow an appreciation for the different things that mothers do. I will be sharing my copy of the book with parents that I know.


With rollicking rhymes and fanciful images, this adorable picture book celebrates the special relationship between mothers and their children. Filled with stories of all kinds of mommies--like pilots and artists and scientists--this book shows how modern mothers still treasure that precious time spent together at home. A perfect book for moms and kids to enjoy this Mother's Day or any time of the year!


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What did you enjoy doing with your mother growing up?

Publication Info
  • When Mommy's Home with Me by Alison Moulton
  • Published by Sweetwater Books
  • On March 1, 2017
  • Genres: Children's Book
  • Pages: 32 Pages
  • Format: Hardback
  • N/A
  • N/A

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for review. All thoughts expressed are my personal honest opinions.

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