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Logan ⇉ A Fitting End to Hugh Jackman's Wolverine

Monday, March 27, 2017

With what is likely Hugh Jackman’s last on-screen appearance as Wolverine, Logan does not disappoint. As the last mutants struggle against a world that continues to reject them, this film is both gritty and highly emotional.

Set in the year 2029, Logan depicts a post-apocalyptic world where no new mutants have been born in decades. Logan now works as a limo driver and struggles to support a senile Charles Xavier, who suffers from regular seizures that affect everyone around him. When Logan is discovered, he is dragged into helping a new generation of artificial mutants, and all hell breaks loose.

The best thing about Logan is the simplicity of the story. Set after the death of the X-Men, Logan is not even really a superhero film anymore. The story boils down to Logan and his internal and external struggles as a mutant. Even through the multitude of violent encounters, Logan’s greatest opponent is himself as he struggles to come to terms with who he is.

From the beginning of the film, it’s clear that he’s at the end of his wits. A shadow of his former self, Logan is dying, and he knows it. He even seems to welcome it, for he carries an adamantium bullet to end his own life once his role of caring for Professor X is over. The appearance of Laura, a new mutant he must protect shakes his world as he is pushed into playing the role of mentor, which we all know isn't one of his gifts.

Logan is appealing on multiple levels. On one hand, it’s has a gritty Western feel to it with Logan, Professor X, and Laura attempting to evade the bounty hunter. On the other hand, it’s touching on an emotional level, as Logan struggles with being the last remaining X-Man.


Overall, Logan is an exceptional film and was a fitting send-off to Jackman’s Wolverine. I really enjoyed its simplicity and its inward perspective into Logan’s character. I recommend this film highly to fans of the X-Men franchise or anyone who wants to enjoy a good action film. However, be cautioned that it is highly violent and is well deserving of its R-rating.


In the near future, a weary Logan cares for an ailing Professor X at a remote outpost on the Mexican border. His plan to hide from the outside world gets upended when he meets a young mutant who is very much like him. Logan must now protect the girl and battle the dark forces that want to capture her.


Do you think there will be a Wolverine-Deadpool crossover?

Publication Info
  • Directed by James Mangold
  • Produced by Marvel Entertainment
  • Genres: Action, Drama, Science Fiction
  • Run time: 137 min.
  • Released March 2017
  • X-Men Origins: Wolverine Film Series

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