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Getting Out of That Reading Slump: The 2017 Reading Challenge

Friday, December 30, 2016
You'll have noticed that I haven't blogged much for the past year. I started book blogging because I love books and wanted to share the love. As my blog got bigger and I started receiving more books for review, I found that I was getting trapped inside of a genre. Part of it is my bad. I love young adult, and that was what I shared on my blog. Reading book after book in the same genre forced me into a rut, however, as I became increasingly critical of books that tried to catch fire on the latest trend but failed to deliver in quality of writing or execution of plot.

I found joy as a child in browsing the library shelves, where I picked up books that taught me new things. In my early years (elementary to middle school), I didn't restrict myself to the kids section. I read across many genres, including pure nonfiction.

The purpose of this reading challenge is to branch out from my usual reads and revive my childhood joy of reading for the sake of learning new things. This list captures a wide variety of books: there are old books and newer books, books I hadn't heard of before making this list, books of different genres (including ones I don't usually broach), books that seek diversity, and books that I've always wanted to read but never touched.

Credit: The categories for this list come from the Modern Mrs. Darcy's 2017 reading challenge.

Following are the cover images for the books that I plan to read in 2017. Click on them to view the synopsis on Amazon. Below them, I have described the books and my reasons for selecting them in more detail.