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Review & Giveaway: Fancy Nany Tea Parties for Fancy [Insert Child's Name] by Jane O'Connor

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Fancy Nancy Tea Parties for Fancy [Insert Child's Name]
Jane O'Connor

Illustrator: Robin Preiss Glasser
Genre: Picture Book
Hardback: 40 Pages
by Put Me in the Story

Fancy Nancy, hostess extraordinaire, can’t wait to share her party-planning expertise with your little one! From recipes and crafts to etiquette tips and French lessons, this precious personalized book contains everything your child needs to throw the perfect tea party. A personalized letter from Nancy herself to your fancy kiddo? Oui! Plus, your child’s name is worked into the text and adorable illustrations throughout the book. Wrap up with a set of recipe cards from the Kitchen of Fancy Nancy, and best of all, cut out and frame the certificate declaring your child a graduate of Fancy Nancy’s Tea Party Course! Que magnifique!


Fancy Nancy Tea Parties for Fancy [insert child's name] provides an introduction for young readers to tea parties from Ensembles and Etiquette to hosting Classic Tea Parties, Buffet Tea Parties, Tea Parties Alfresco (outdoors), Tea for Tea, and Doll Tea Parties.

I love how the "Put Me in the Story" edition invites children to interact with the story and actively work on hosting their first tea party. For a child, knowing that a book is yours is a special feeling. Knowing that this book was printed with your name makes it an especially significant gift, and Put Me in the Story tells children just that from the cover page, which features the name of the child in the title and the name of the giver in the bottom left corner.

When purchasing this book, I recommend uploading a photo of your child (especially one in which your child is all dressed up) because the second page opens to a gorgeously illustrated border that has a large box inside reserved for a photo of your child. Above, it says "Fancy [Your Child's Name]." The box is approximately 3.75" x 4.5", so make sure the photo is high quality. The accompanying page on the two-page spread is reserved for a message to your child. There's a lot of room, so make use of it! :)

Like other "Put Me in the Story" books, Fancy Nancy Tea Parties makes good use of your child's name to make it interactive. What makes this book unique is that it is nonfiction and instructs your child in activities that can actually be carried out. There's even a page at the back filled with mini recipe cards that can be cut out, so your child can save favorite recipes for future reference. I really wish that I hadn't started reading this book before my plane flight because I was sorely tempted to prepare for a tea party and invite my friends over!! In fact, this book would make a fantastic gift before a birthday party or other special event, so you and your child can plan a tea party together!

If I have any complaint, its that the color scheme and choice of crafts might seem a bit off-putting for some children. (I'm a girl, but I was a tomboy. Any pink clothes I had were gifts from relatives.) I'd like to see a toned down version that's isn't as much about the fancy. That said, there are benefits to teaching children how to make an idea their own. To a child who doesn't like pinks, sparkles, and other fancy accessories, it's perfectly fine to give them this book and teach them how to make the ideas their own. Decorations don't have to be rhinestone-studded butterfly cutouts but can be stars and planets, and the dress code doesn't have to be fancy. It can be as casual jeans and a t-shirt! This book is about making your own tea party.

I hope Put Me in the Story keeps this book in their lineup because I would love to purchase this book in the future for a child. Its interactive nature and the opportunity to share a special tea party with a special child make it a perfect gift choice!!

A copy was provided by Sourcebooks for review


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