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Review & Giveaway: Pete the Cat and [Your Child's Name]'s Magic Sunglasses by Kimberly & James Dean

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Pete the Cat and [Insert Child Name]'s Magic Sunglasses
Kimberly & James Dean

Genre: Picture Book
Hardback: 40 Pages
by Put Me in the Story

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Pete the Cat is having one of those days—the kind where nothing is going his way. But when Grumpy Toad lends Pete a pair of cool, blue, magic sunglasses, that gloomy, dreary day turns itself around!

This personalized book about learning to see the world in a whole new way features your child’s name and photo along with an encouraging dedication message from you. Your child plays a special part in the story—they are the one to let Grumpy Toad borrow the magic sunglasses in the first place!

As Pete the Cat travels through town, he meets friends that could use a little bit of magic. A hungry squirrel, a tipped-over turtle, and a lonely alligator all get a boost of positive vibes from the magic sunglasses. But what happens when those magic sunglasses break?


It's always a blast to meet a character that shares your name. It's even cooler to be an actual part of the story. Sourcebooks came up with a brilliant idea with the "Put Me in the Story" books. This feature allows givers to personalize children's books for their loved ones, so children can read books in which they get to play an important role in the protagonist's journey.

From the beginning, your child will feel like a part of the story. There's the title, which names the story after your child. And there is also the short dedication in the bottom right corner, which tells the child who the book is for (himself or herself) and who is giving the book to him or her (in my case, Mom and Dad).

I love the attention to detail with these books. On one page of Pete the Cat and Crystal's Magic Sunglasses, which I made out to myself for review purposes, I saw a street sign named after my family (Chen Pkwy) and a tree that had my name (Crystal) engraved into it. I can see children getting amped up when they see such details in the book. I was geeking out myself.

One theme in this book is that no matter how down we feel in the moment, once we begin listing all the good things, we'll realize that we're feeling alright. As Pete the Cat shares the magic with his friends, the refrain (for lack of a better word) comes up:

"The birds are singing.
The sky is bright.
The sun is shining.
I'm feeling ALRIGHT!"

This feature of Pete the Cat and [Insert Child's Name]'s Magic Sunglasses makes it an enjoyable read-a-loud where children can jump in for the refrain. I recommend pre-teaching this refrain, so your child can participate from the start.

The last page pays homage to the theme of feeling alright by calling attention to how our young reader is also feeling alright. (Mine says: "Crystal's feeling... ALRIGHT!"), and if you choose to upload a photo of your young reader, the 2-page spread will feature your child's photo alongside an illustration of Pete the Cat on his skateboard.

If you like this book but want a copy that you can share with everybody, you can purchase the original edition Pete the Cat and His Magic Sunglasses. If you have a special reader in mind, however, I strongly recommend the "Put Me in the Story" edition. It's more interactive and will really make your child feel like a part of the story.

A copy was provided by Sourcebooks for review


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