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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Hey everyone! Kris here.

As you may have noticed in the past couple of days, we've played around with the blog design. A group of us met up this past week to hang out, and we talked about what we want to do with the blog. Roxanne and I are English majors, and Kalen was an English minor. We all took creative writing classes as part of our undergraduate studies. Our various experiences with the written word have influenced the way we read books. We look for hidden themes and meanings, and we're used to critiquing each other's writings during workshops.

So, even though our reviews have always reflected our educational backgrounds, we decided to make it official: we'll be reviewing from a literary and critical approach. There will be little to no change in our reviews, so no need to worry about that. What may happen is that every now and then one of us may find a common thread in some books that we want to research / ponder over, and we might post make a blog post on that topic. For example, we suggested to Roxanne that she might explore vampires in literature, an endlessly fascinating topic for her. We've also talked about making some videos in which some of us have a debate / discussion, which we'll post to YouTube. (Not sure yet how that'll work and what we'll talk about. Suggestions are welcome!)

Other news:
I'll only be posting once a week on the blog now. With each year in college, classes have gotten more intense, and I also constantly find myself sucked into participating in more and more organizations. Because I'm crazy like that and always wanting to participate in more activities than I have time for. It's gotten to the point where I'll read too much over break just to get posts scheduled months ahead of time, and yet I never can quite read enough to cover the entire semester. This new schedule will help me stay on top of things and write the quality posts that y'all deserve. Plus, I might actually feel like I have the time to return comments :)

The private email I've been using to post to this blog has been increasingly receiving a lot of spam. It's gotten to the point that it's pretty annoying, so I've decided to use a different account to post on the blog. Along with the change, I've decided to go ahead and use my full name on the blog. (Ulterior motives: the signature for Crystal is much pretty than Kris. If I'd realized that earlier, I would have done this from the start!)

I've started a couple other blogs to cover topics that I've been interested in for a while. I know, I'm already too busy but writing is a great way for me to explore my thoughts, and I love blogging as an outlet.

First, Reading in Faith is another book blog. For several months now, I've been thinking about how to approach books from a faith perspective. As Imaginary Reads already has its specific approach to books, and I decided to create a new blog to discuss this. I'm not entirely sure yet what I'll be doing on the blog but hope to get it started soon. If you have any interest in this, you're more than welcome to follow the blog!

Write, Crystal is similar to Reading in Faith in that I'm blogging from a faith perspective. It's different in that it's the outlet from which I'll be exploring topics that come up in life and which aren't always covered deeply enough (if ever) in the classroom. It's a personal blog, so please respect that!

I've changed my Twitter username (which used to be @ImaginaryReads and is now @writecrystal) since it's not my only blog anymore. You can follow Imaginary Read's new Twitter account here! I won't be the only one tweeting from it anymore, so look forward to seeing what all our members have to say on Twitter!

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