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Review: Circle of Death by Keri Arthur

Friday, May 23, 2014

Circle of Death
Keri Arthur

Series: Damask Circle #2
Genre: CrimeUrban Fantasy
Paperback: 352 Pages
Publication: February 25, 2014
by Bantom Dell


In one vicious night, Kirby Brown’s world is torn apart. Her best friend is dead, killed by a madman who is now after Kirby, and she has no idea why. When the police prove incapable of protecting Kirby, she has no choice but to trust a mysterious stranger. And while she finds herself inexplicably drawn to him, she fears the strange abilities he wields.

An investigator for the Damask Circle, Doyle Fitzgerald, has come to Melbourne, Australia, to hunt down a killer. What he doesn’t expect to find is a cadre of witches capable of controlling the elements, a sorceress determined to take that power for herself, and a broken woman who is more than she seems. Doyle is certain that the reason behind the bloodshed lies in Kirby’s past—a past she has no wish to remember. Because Doyle isn’t the only one with magic in his soul: Kirby’s special gifts have the strength to destroy the world.

◆ A copy was provided by Random House for review ◆

The beginning of this book haunts me even now. I'd been planning on doing some light reading before going to bed but ended up staying up late, eyes wide open and heart pounding. I couldn't dim the lights and curl in bed without preternatural creatures haunting the shadows, threatening to peek through the slits of my window blinds and hunt me down. I was that freaked out.

On the plus side, that also meant that I really found myself identifying with Kirby when she became one of the hunted. If that counts as a plus. The afraid-to-go-to-bed me might not agree so much, but I'm looking back on hindsight. Of course, Kirby has other traits that make her likable. She's afraid of many things, including the situation she's in and her powers, but she's also a fighter and stands up for herself. She also has Doyle. While they don't meet until the best of conditions (understatement), they develop a bond stronger than the one that hits Doyle when he fights meets her (think back on book one for a clue here). Adding a little spice to the mix, neither of them expects to find the kind of connection that draws them together, and the resulting dynamics are a lot of fun to watch.

I was disappointed that the thrills and suspense that hooked me in the first pages didn't continue throughout the entire book. While there was a good bit of action going on, the lack of adrenaline rush after the first pages made the later parts of the book fall flat in comparison. It was interesting how Kirby's past plays a role in the plot, and I would have liked to see this played up a bit more. In comparison to other UF crime novels I've read, this one doesn't play up the suspense and investigation portions as much. At the same time, I love how Kirby's vulnerability is exposed more and how she isn't overtly badass like many UF heroines are. Her badass-ness shows up through her silent strength and determination to keep living and moving forward.

Fans of Keri Arthur's Damask Circle will enjoy this second installment in the series. I recommend this for readers who enjoy a good dose of romance in their UF crime reads.

* I read this book several months ago around the time I decided to go on hiatus, so it's been a while since I read this book. Please pardon my memory.

Additional Information
  1. Circle of Fire
  2. Circle of Death
  3. Circle of Desire

  • Kissing
  • Sex
  • Violence

8 comments on "Review: Circle of Death by Keri Arthur"
  1. I'm a huge fan of Arthur's Riley Jenson series, but her Dark Angels one was a bit of a let down, so I've been on the fence about starting this one. And from the tone of your review, Circle of Death sounds like it's more of the same. I wonder why her books are so inconsistent? I just read Fireborn and LOVED it, yet I'm going to have to pass on this one. Hmm...

    1. Yeah, there are some I absolutely love and others that I end up being on the fence about. I haven't read the Riley Jenson series or Fireborn. I'll have to check those out!

  2. I love the Riley Jenson Series. I've only read one of the books in her Dark Angels Series - it just didn't capture my attention for me to continue reading the series.

    1. Sounds like I should check out the Riley Jenson series :)

  3. Sounds like I should try the Riley Jenson series! I'm looking to expand from YA, so I'm excited about this series.
    Jen @ YA Romantics

  4. LOVE that you identified with the main character and that it was so thrilling!

    Lovely review :)


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