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Back from Hiatus!

Monday, May 19, 2014
It feels like decades since I've touched the blog. I ended up leaving midway into the semester to focus on classes. The reading schedule gets so much more intense when you hit the upper-level ones. At least I can say I came away with all A's :)

I'm in the midst of catching up on sleep and unpacking. As soon as I find my Kindle, I'll be working to catch up on reads and update the blog. I'll also be making a post on what I learned about blogging and college this past semester.

Hope your day is going wonderfully thus far. I look forward to getting back into the blogosphere this summer. Happy reading!

3 comments on "Back from Hiatus!"
  1. Welcome back Kris! Excellent work on those As ;)

  2. I think this is possibly my most favorite Janet book yet, though I haven't read ALL of them. I'm glad you mostly enjoyed this anyway!


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