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Review & Giveaway: Guardians by Heather Frost

Saturday, July 20, 2013
Today, as a part of the tour for Heather Frost's Guardians, the final book in the Seers trilogy, I have for you my review of the book and a giveaway!


(Seers #3)
by Heather Frost

Genre: Paranormal
Hardback: 384 Pages
Publication: July 9, 2013 by Cedar Fort


Kate Bennett has escaped captivity, but she has not escaped the hunt. The Demon Lord has one million dollars on Kate’s head, and every bounty hunter around is just waiting for the chance to break through her guardian force. Kate’s only shot at staying alive and protecting her loved ones is to lead the seers on a mission to the past and kill the Demon Lord before he comes to power.

But Patrick, Kate’s immortal guardian and the love of her life, knows what happens when she travels back in time: he has seen her die in his arms. With Patrick keeping a protective watch over her, Kate knows she can never lead her mission, but she cannot wait around to be captured by demons again, either.

This final installment of the Seers trilogy brings Kate Bennett’s tale to a surprising and exciting conclusion filled with love and heartache, danger and triumph, loss and redemption.

◆ A copy was provided by Cedar Fort for review ◆

What was most interesting to me in Guardians is the development of Far Darrig's character. We learning a shocking revelation about him at the end of Demons, and this plot twist is further explored and developed in Guardians. Because of his past, Far Darrig is easily one of the most complex characters in the story. I don't want to go too much into this because of spoilers, but I like how his character is developed and how the changes in him are portrayed. While his storyline isn't as complex as Kate's, his behavior is easier to understand. I really enjoyed reading the scenes told from his perspective.

I often had trouble understanding Kate's motivations. On top of that, when the Demon Lord puts out a bounty for her, she dismisses the immediate threat and decides not to bring it up to the Guardians only to be surprised when Demons watch her house when the bounty flyers have her address on it. It doesn't make sense to me that she doesn't want to be torn away from her home when there wouldn't be a home should the Demons kill her friends and family in their attempts to get hold of her. There's another scene where a Demon threatens her sisters, so she goes with him compliantly only to suddenly decide to resist after all. Why couldn't she do that from the start? These are just a couple of examples. If Kate's character were better developed, maybe I'd be able to understand and accept her motivations for staying at home, but as it is I never could fully connect with Kate.

Like Demons, the world building is solid, and the writing captures the scenes in such detail that I had no trouble visualizing what was going on. Once more, I do wish that the writing was a bit more concise since there were times when it felt like information overflow. I do not need to know people's dress in such minute detail, and there are some scenes and conversations that didn't feel like they contributed much, if anything, to the plot. Still, it does make for some intense action. Everything gets better when Kate decides to fight and the action gets going.

Those who like a happy, sweet, touching paranormal romance ending will love how it all turns out. It certainly works in the world that has been built here. For me, I'm rather fond of bittersweet endings and was looking forward to seeing how things would turn out if they played as Patrick and Kate envisioned based off the last scene from Demons. And the way things end goes against what I thought I knew about the world even if it is explained. Still, I am happy for them, and it's really sweet how everything turns out.

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About the Author
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Heather Frost was born in Sandy, Utah, and raised in a small Northern Utah town. She is the second oldest of ten children, and she has always been an avid reader and writer. She’s a graduate of Snow College, and, more recently, Utah State University. She enjoys playing the flute, listening to all types of music, and watching a wide variety of movies. Ever since she wrote her first short story—at the age of four—she has dreamed of one day becoming an author. Guardians is her third published novel; her second book, Demons, is a Whitney Award Finalist.

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  1. I really want to read this book. It sounds very good. Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. I absolutely love this book and think you had a very good review. Thanks for having a giveaway!

  3. SOunds very heartfelt.. and intense.. I will surely read this. Thank you for the giveaway chance.

    vals_hemi at yahoo dot com

  4. I love fantasy books about Demons, Guardians and such, I will have to recomend this to a little friend of mine! Thank you, Great review, Mary Withrow


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