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Lauren Oliver Talks Books

Monday, April 1, 2013
Check out this awesome video series in which Lauren Oliver talks about how a book is made. It gives great insight into the journey of the making of books!

Episode 1: Developing the Idea

Episode 2: Writing the Story

Episode 3: Editing the Book

Episode 4: Creating the Art

Episode 5: Proofing the Story

Episode 6: Printing the Book

I'm having trouble embedding the 7th episode, but you can find the entire series at the link below.

More Lauren Oliver!
Check out her stories from the Delirium trilogy (here)
Check out the site where the entire video series is posted (here)

1 comment on "Lauren Oliver Talks Books"
  1. Thanks, Kris. When I have some time to sit down and listen, I'm definitely checking this out.


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