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Review - The Whispering House

Wednesday, October 31, 2012
The Whispering House
by Rebecca Wade

Publication: May 22, 2012
Pages: 272
Publisher: Katherine Tegan Books
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Maisie Holt.

This is her book.

It's an old house, one her family plans to stay in for only a short while; but for Hannah Price, secrets soon come creeping out of every corner of Cowleigh Lodge.

First there's the old and dusty book of children's fairy tales that belonged to a young girl named Maisie. Hannah learns that the girl died mysteriously at age eleven in this very house nearly 140 years ago.

Then, when Hannah draws a portrait of Maisie, things begin to fall apart. The house seems to be reverting to its nineteenth-century form, and Hannah's not sure whether it or Maisie herself is sending her messages. Hannah must solve the mystery of Maisie's death, because if she doesn't help her, Maisie may never leave Hannah alone....

Hannah starts to have strange, intense dreams about being under a canopy of glittering green leaves with a strange, blankly staring face next to hers, when her family relocates to an old Victorian house. There, she finds a dusty book of fairy tales. The book is inscribed, "To Maisie From Your Loving Papa, Christmas 1876." Upon the discovery of Maisie Holt's gravestone in the neighborhood graveyard, Hannah finds out that Maisie died when she was only eleven years old. Hannah decides to find out what happened to Maisie with the help of her best friend Sam.

Hannah is smart, and she can put the clues together. However, all the people she gets in touch with easily gives her the necessary information needed to solve the mystery. She is too perfect, as is her situation, making her seem unreal. Sam is more interesting, and he is the one that helps Hannah make sense about the clues she finds and the dreams she has.

The ending of book is a bit let down, as it isn't nearly as strong as the rest of the book. Still, I do love the plot for the book and how the story weaves the past and the present into one by drawing on intriguing pieces of history, and I found the truth behind the dreams interesting. The Whispering House delivers plenty of spookiness for younger readers, but the older tweens and teens will find this book too simple.

Note - I didn't realize until I was reading this book that it is a book two. The first book about Hannah Price is called The Theft & The Miracle.

A copy was provided for review by the publisher.

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