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A Bookish Halloween

Wednesday, October 31, 2012
This past month, I've been blogging about many Halloween-ish reads, though I never did manage to put up an events banner celebrating Monsters, Thrills, and the Paranormal. (By the time I was past midterms, it was the middle of October and I already had to start preparing for a third round of exams, so I had to change between putting up reviews and designing banners.) You can find a list of titles in the archive for October in the right sidebar.

Now that the day is finally upon us, I'd like to ask. What will you be reading tonight? Are you going to dress up and go trick or treating? If so, as a bookish character? I'm planning to dress up as a witch at the Ballroom Halloween dance this Saturday.

2 comments on "A Bookish Halloween"
  1. Happy Halloween, Kris! And a ballroom dance sounds wonderful! <3

    1. Thanks, Mary! I hope that you had a Happy Halloween as well! I love ballroom dance and can't wait for the party!! :)


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