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IR News: Blogging in Season, New Features

Friday, September 14, 2012
Kris Did It Again... and she kids

Imaginary Reads is dressing up with the seasons! Just kidding, kind of. It's been a while since I last changed my design, and I really thought it was going to stay. In a way, it is. I'm keeping with the color scheme and the winged monkey and winged books. Those are fun. Those who have been following me for a while, however, know that I'm pretty fickle with blog designs. I get an idea and itch to try it out, and my kind blog puts up with me dressing it up in different attires.

In a way, though, I am dressing it up in season. The new design looks pretty festive, doesn't it? Think the monkey and books will have a Harvest Festival together? It might even pass for the Winter Holidays if I keep it up long enough. I am kind of tempted to start dressing my blog for the Holidays and may start a Winter theme, if looking at it doesn't make me colder than I will be when Winter comes!

What do you think about the spiffed up look?

Pretty in Pink, and other colors

Remember back in the day when I tried out a Treasured Reads meme but ended up still talking about specific books? What I really wanted to do was talk about books in general. I want my blog to just be about reviews and books. I want it to be about readers and books. To do that, I want to reach out to readers and talk about what you want to talk about. To do this, I'm opening The Book Nerd's Heart.

With this feature, I'm opening myself up to questions regarding anything book-related. Ask me about books I'm reading, books I love, book blogging, authors, and whatnot. Each week... I'm thinking Fridays... I'll be answering one or more questions related to one another. To help keep this going, I'm going to need your help, so ask away!

To ask a question, fill out this contact form.

This is going to be similar to Waiting on Wednesday. However, I don't often talk about books I'm anticipating (typically, I talk about them when I get around to reviewing them or in Imagine Weekly when I talk about what I got that week). This feature, Dream Upon Dreams, is going to be fairly irregular and will involve bookish things I'm looking forward to, such as new releases and old titles alike, author news, and books to films.

Since I used different elements for the last two headers, I decided to make new headers for Imagine This and Imagine Weekly, both of which I took photos for. I'm a girl, and I like to match, so that's what happened here. While I really like the old headers, I think these new ones are pretty cool.

As a recap:
Imagine This is about imaging all the different possibilities and asks readers to use their imagination. We're still working on this future, but I'm looking for it to be a constant on the blog. It's something I enjoy personally, and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do. So keep an eye out for it on Saturdays!

Imagine Weekly presents the bookish things I received in the past week as well as what's taken place on the blog. I post these on Sundays.

4 comments on "IR News: Blogging in Season, New Features"
  1. Sounds great Kris. I like all your ideas. And I do like your new blog design. It feels light and cheerful for Fall. If you enjoy changing the blog, you should do it.

  2. Your blog looks so beautiful, I LOVE the designs!! All very delicate and magical - not sure who does your art work & layout but it's gorgeous <3

    The monkey is a doll, and I also really like the magic Aladdin lamps :)
    Plus the camel is ten kinds of cute ... Wow, it ALL looks very, very pretty!!

    1. Thanks. I actually designed it myself! Glad to hear that you love it. :)


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