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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Demons (Seers #2)
by Heather Frost

Publication: September 11, 2012
Pages: 432
Publisher: Cedar Fort
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Kate’s life is far from normal. She can see auras, her boyfriend is immortal, and her powers make her a target. But now that the Demon Lord is hunting her, things are about to go from dangerous to truly deadly. Packed with action, mind-blowing plot twists, and characters you can’t get enough of, this is a fast-paced, heart-pounding read from cover to cover.

Interview with Heather Frost
Tell us a little about yourself and your start to being an author.
I’ve been writing stories since I was 4, finished my first novel when I was twelve, and received my first rejection at eighteen. Writing is my passion, and I’ve always had the dream of becoming an author. Seers was my first published novel, though I have over a dozen prior works, all unpublished—most never submitted. I plan to continue writing for the rest of my life.

It's wonderful that you're doing the work that you've always wanted to do! What did you first see when the idea for Seers first began to take root?
The idea for Seers didn’t come about like most of my other ideas. I was subconsciously crafting the idea for a couple years, starting in 2008. The recurring thought that actually brought about the inspiration for Seers was immortality. I found myself really contemplating what it would be like to be immortal. Why would a person be immortal? How could a person be immortal? What would life be like for them? Ideas about the afterlife came up, obviously, and before I knew it I had my Guardians. The rest came pretty quickly after that. The moment of inspiration came summer 2010, and that’s when I started writing, and I really didn’t stop until I had complete drafts of all three books.

You mentioned in one interview that Patrick had to be Irish. Why so, and how has he grown as a character since you first envisioned him?
I’ve always loved Ireland, and I knew that if I was going to write about an immortal Guardian, I would want him to be a foreigner. (I love accents. ☺) And so Ireland was a logical choice—the only choice for me. Honestly, I’ve never even imagined him being from somewhere else.

I love accents as well, and Patrick's background is one of the reasons that he's so hot! Toni and Patrick are such different characters. How did the partnership for the two of them come about?
It was an assignment for both of them. Aside from Patrick’s brief time with a mentor Guardian, right after his mortal life ended, Patrick had been working strictly alone. He came to America in the 50s, and was in New York in the 80s. He was asked at that time if he would mind having a partner—one with some very quirky personality traits, including the inability to follow rules, biting sarcasm, and kleptomania. He wanted to say no as soon as he met Toni, but he felt guilty going back on his word. Besides, the Guardian supervisor was confident that Patrick’s good behavior would rub off on Toni…eventually. The friendship took a long time, and they can still annoy each other, but they’ve been together ever since.

Haha... One of my favorite parts of the story is the character dynamics between the two of them, so I appreciate the different innate traits within the two of them all the more for this. What role do you see Demons playing in the trilogy? What new challenges do you have lined up for Kate?
Demons is the middle of a trilogy, which means the primary goal is to deepen the overall plot, and finally answer some questions—which will in turn reveal more questions. Demons has a faster pace than Seers—much more intense. New and old mysteries will surround the characters, and put them in all sorts of dangerous situations. Kate is going to be facing some incredibly hard situations, and not everyone will make it out alive. She’s going to face losing Patrick, and finally confront the Demon Lord himself.

Would you share some lines from Demons that showcase the mood for the story?
Of course! Here is a sampling:
Grandpa Bennett: “Kate, you’re going to get sick of this life. Trust me. No matter how thrilling it is at first, you won’t want this forever.”
Lee: “I know what you’re thinking. But don’t say a word about the outfit.”
Patrick: “I’ve waited two centuries for you. I think I’ve earned the right to be a little impatient.”
Toni: “At least I’ve stopped using windows. Mostly.”
Kate: “How can you prepare for something that’s supposed to be impossible?”
The Demon Lord: “I hope there are no hard feelings, of course.”

If you’d like more one-liner’s, I shared one every week counting down to the book’s release. Check them out on the Facebook fan page.

Would you rather be a Seer or a Guardian (I'm assuming here that you don't want to be a Demon), and why?
Yeah, I don’t exactly aspire to being a Demon. Lol. As interesting as it would be to be a Guardian, I’d have to say I’d prefer being a Seer. For one thing, you get to read people moods. Kate tells me it isn’t always a positive experience, but I can’t help but think aura-reading would really come in handy. But the main reason I pick Seer is this: I love my family and friends too much. I would want to be in heaven with them. I mean, what’s the point of being immortal if you can’t spend eternity with the people you love?

What are you working on right now?
I’m focusing most of my energy on revising the final book in the Seers Trilogy, Guardians. But I definitely have some other projects as well: fantasy, adult romance, and more YA.

I'm really excited to hear that book three is in the works. Can't wait to read it!

Heather's Website | Facebook | Twitter
Heather Frost was born in Sandy, Utah, and raised in a small Northern Utah town. She is the second oldest of ten children, and she loves her family very much. She is currently pursuing her bachelor's degree in English. She has always been an avid reader, and reading and writing are among her most favorite things to do. She also enjoys playing the flute, listening to all types of music, and watching a wide variety of movies.

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