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Book Nerd Hearts: When in distress, I can always count on these books

Friday, September 21, 2012

Having just finished an intense examination period where all my professors decided to pile exams on us students at the same time, it makes sense for me to talk about comfort reads, books that I read during times of stress and distress. These books calm me down and make me happy when I'm in the middle of a stressful period in life. If it's an examination period like now, I don't have to worry about becoming addicted to the plot line and forgoing studies to read. I know what's happening and where I'll be picking up the story again, and I'm not pressured with having to figure out what I think about the story for a review. I've read the story before and know that I love it.

Actually, I was talking about comfort reads with some fellow fantasy book-loving friends of mine a couple weeks ago. My friends had brought some of their favorite reads to college with them to read when they were in need of comfort from a book they knew they could rely on. That got me thinking about what my comfort reads were. The next weekend I went home, I brought back a couple of these favorites with me.

So what are my comfort reads?

With my comfort reads, I return to the comfortable familiarty of my favorite fantasy books.

At the top reigns Tamora Pierce. I have practically all of her books and am in the process of aquiring the few books of hers that I have yet to own. A tried and true favorite of mine is the Song of the Lioness quartet, which I've been reading since the examination period started. I'm still as much in love with Alanna's courage and strength of heart as when I first discovered her back in the day.

Other books that I love to reread in times of need are:

... and anything by Tamora Pierce because she's that awesome.
I especially love the books set in the world of Tortall. It's my favorite by her!

How about you? What are your comfort reads / reads you can always count on?

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2 comments on "Book Nerd Hearts: When in distress, I can always count on these books"
  1. I would have to agree about the Books Of Bayern. I adore them! I would say also, for me, Ella Enchanted, Bryan Davis books, and probably a couple others. Oh like Heartland (Lauren Brooke) and stuff by Jenny B. Jones. And Star Wars stuff :P Sierra
    Keep growing beautiful!

    1. Ella Enchanted and Heartland were some of my favorite books when I was a child!


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