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Review - Over You

Tuesday, August 14, 2012
Over You
by Emma McLaughlin, Nicola Kraus

Publication: August 21, 2012
Pages: 304
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Publisher: Harper Teen
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After the grand explosion of her relationship, seventeen-year-old Max Scott developed what every girl in the history of the world has been waiting for: a way to get over being dumped. Now Max is the go-to guru for heartbroken high-schoo†gl girls all over NYC. But when her ex unexpectedly shows up in her neighborhood, Max’s carefully controlled world starts to unravel. With her clients’ hearts hanging in the balance, Max will have to do the seemingly impossible: get over him once and for all.

Contemporary romance hits with a vengeance in this humor-filled novel as seventeen-year-old Max sets off to heal the broken hearts of girls across NYC and help them get over their ex-boyfriends. She does this through her non-profit company EX, INC with the help of her best friend Zach and Phoebe. As a high school dropout (with plans for college at NYU, where she also plans to build up her company into something bigger), Max has plenty of time to look after the healing hearts of her clients. What she doesn't include in her plans is spying her ex in town--and to find out that she hasn't fully gotten over him. How is she to maintain her clients' trust if her methods haven't worked on herself?

The story is told in third-person present-tense, casting Bridget (Max's latest client), Taylor (Bridget's ex), Ben Cooper (who is crushing and Max and, unbeknownst to her, Taylor's best friend), and Max Scott herself (still getting over Hugo Tillman, but starting to notice Ben). With this cast of characters, you know there's going to be an abundance of drama. The third-person present-tense was hard to get into at first because I'm not used to it; however, it really works for this novel. I felt as though I was watching a play unfold, and that's precisely what this novel is: a play waiting to unfold, waiting for Max's therapy techniques to fail, so she can finally get over Hugo and get together with someone who's willing to go the distance with her.

There is humor in this book. The waterworks turn on at full blast when the girls wail over their exes, and it is hilarious the lengths that Max will take for her clients. Some not so legal (as in ruin-your-chances-of-going-to-college not-legal). I love the references to celebrity figures as well; they fit into context perfectly. Within this humor a message. Over You is about letting go of the past and moving on. It is about admitting your mistakes and taking the plunge forward.

Recommendation: This is a book that I recommend reading at least once.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher. No payment was received in return for a review. The receipt of the book had no influence on the opinions expressed in my review.
6 comments on "Review - Over You"
  1. sounds a great book and i think this book can inspire us to let go of the past and moving on :)

    nice review :)

  2. Haha "contemporary romance hits with avengence." I love it! I've been dying to read this book because it looks hilarious and I've been dying to read some books that can get a good laugh out of me lately. The whole third-person-present-tense thing sounds interesting as well. I'm definitely going to check this book out!

    Thanks for sharing and happy reading. (:

    1. Thanks! It is really funny. I've been needing a break from all the killer action and kick-butt heroines running around saving the world and was so glad to read this book! Hope you enjoy!

  3. The cover looks amazing. I would like to get my hands on this book. Your review makes it seem like it's a really good book :)


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