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Imagine This: Stranded

Saturday, August 11, 2012
2 weeks ago I asked you guys to help me lock up the biggest and baddest villain. There were two I really liked: eman's (Edward Cullen) and Mayisha's friend's (Pride). However, I have yet to find a method to lock up pride, so we shall have to make do with Edward Cullen.

Congratulations to eman for making the world a better place,  safe from a villainous 200-something year old pedophile and his glitter.

eman, send us an e-mail with your choice from the books for grab list.

Imagine This is a feature hosted by Austin at Imaginary Reads where he comes up with a question that asks readers to explore a book and come up with an outcome using the power of imagination.

This week's giveaway

In Lost Girls, a group of girls become stranded on an island somewhere in Thailand.
If you could get stranded with any fictional character, who would it be and why?

To enter, follow Imaginary Reads and tell me what you think the key to success is. The person who comes up with the best answer will receive a copy of Lost Girls.

Giveaway open to US only, but anyone is free to comment. Extra entry in another giveaway happening on the blog for tweeting the following message provided below:

Who would you get stranded with? Tell us @ImaginaryReads for a chance to #win a copy of Lost Girls! #giveaway

Don't forget to leave a link to your tweet in the comments section along with the name of the giveaway you'd like your extra entry to be counted towards.

Giveaway is open through August 24th. The winner will be announced the next day.
Fill out this form to enter

Don't forget. There is still another week to enter the giveaway for last week's Imagine This. To enter, click here.

9 comments on "Imagine This: Stranded"
  1. Haha, my friend had me answer this exact question as a joke last week! I ended up going with Captain Jack Sparrow because he's been stranded on islands before and had found his way off of it easily. He'd constantly have entertainment value and he'd find some whacky way to get us off while we survive. That's pretty much why lol

  2. If I had to choose, I would have to choose the duo Phineas and Ferb (I know they're not a single character, but I'd hate to split this duo up!)

    In case you're not familiar with them, Phineas and Ferb are kid inventors who do almost anything, and do something new every day of the summer. Among their various expeditions, they've built a full-size beach (with an ocean and tiki house and everything) in their backyard, time travelled, teleported to Mars, and have built rollercoasters. That being said, if they were stuck on an island, there would be something entertaining that's new everyday.

    As for survival skills, the two stepbrothers might not be the biggest, but they're definitely pretty innovative. There's one episode where they build a gigantic treehouse system on the island, complete with transportation (vines - Tarzan style!), tropical drinks, and bungalows. It's pretty amazing o-o

    Anyways, sorry if I started to babble o__o I actually just watched the show so I'm pretty psyched XD

    Keep the questions coming :D They're fun!

  3. I would say Katniss from The Hunger Games because she'd be able to help me survive. I don't know enough about survival to make it without help.

  4. To be honest, I think I would choose Tris from Divergent! Yes, I'm sure I would get bored, with her jumping off trees, (and mountains. Do we have mountains? Hmm.) But I think that she would be a really cool person to be stuck with. I imagine that there would always be something insanely awesome going on, with all the danger and such. Plus, survival skills definitely help. :)

  5. Dmitri from Vampire Academy. He is intelligent and keeps his cool in any situation. Being a dhampir, he is stronger and faster than humans. Trained as a Guardian, he can protect me should the need arise; having had experience training future Guardians, he can teach me necessary survival skills. He can also tell me stories from his Guardian days at night. I won't get bored or die off quickly with him around!

  6. I know everyone is focusing on survival skills, which of course are highly important (!!!), but *in addition* to that, I'd choose a character who would inspire me to maintain hope, and faith, and especially someone who refused to give up, no matter how crazy things got, no matter how badly the odds might be stacked against him.

    So I would choose Thomas from The Maze Runner trilogy. And, I think his occasional snarky remarks would keep me laughing, which is probably the greatest survival skill of all :D

    Ps: Thank you for this sweet giveaway, I've been frothing to read Lost Girls <3

    Mary DeBorde M.A.D.

  7. I would love to be stranded on an island with any hot werewolf guy! :D I love werewolves I can't help it I would choose any of the ones i have read in books. hehe! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  8. I would choose Kate Daniels because she could protect me! :)


    Not a single character, but I'd love to be there with the Sailor Senshi/Scouts from Sailor Moon. They're wonderful girls, and would make great friends. But, since they have saved the world multiple times, I know that they could save me in the situations where I need to be saved.


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