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Team Tucker - Quotations

Sunday, July 8, 2012

So, I'm advocating for Team Tucker for the YA Crush Tourney, but I've done a bad job of announcing it because of study abroad and all. I decided today that I was definitely going to get something done. (Which I have. My advocate post has been turned in, and the Tucker button has been made.) While I'm taking a break from studying, I decided to make quotation cards of some of my favorite Tucker-related quotations from Unearthly with some pictures I took in the UK. I hope that you enjoy! Let me know in the comment sections about your favorite Tucker-related quotations in the comments section. (Note: you'll get bonus points in my upcoming giveaway for comments here!)

Picture taken in pastoral area in the UK

Picture taken at Blenheim Palace

Picture taken at Blenheim Palace

Picture taken at Blenheim Palace

Team Tucker button!

6 comments on "Team Tucker - Quotations"
  1. I just swooned all over myself! I love Tucker!

    And my favorite quote

    Tucker: "But she gave me the perfect gift."
    Clara: "What?"
    Tucker: "You.”

    1. I adore that quotation. It's so sweet of him!<3 Tucker. There were just too many beautiful lines for me to make a card for all of them.

  2. Aahhh all those quotes are absolutely amazing!!! Love Tucker!!

  3. The last quote is my favorite. This is such a cute moment :)

  4. I haven't read these books, but I so love the quotes! It's making me want to rush out and get my hands on these. The second quote is my fav :)

  5. I love the forth quote. It shows his loving and funny side. :)


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