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Kris Writes: The Origin

Saturday, June 23, 2012
Before I was a book blogger, I was a writer. Before I was a writer, I was a reader.

My origins in the blogging world are actually as a writer. It was back in the day (2010. I know. I'm so old. Sarcasm intended) when Harper Collins was still running Inkpop and I hadn't yet started stalking the "New in YA fiction!" shelves. I wasn't getting into the whole paper-and-ink journal deal, being so used to typing reports and the like for classes that my handwriting had deteriorated and was at a speed that rivaled Slowpoke's. It was a pretty sad blog. No really. I had no idea what to blog about and didn't know much about finding author's blogs. It was through pure coincidence that I then stumbled into the book blogging world. I was enchanted. Book reviewing took priority on my blog, and I wasn't sure if I wanted that or not. After a long debate, Kris Reads was born as a companion blog to Kris Writes. (They're twins!). A little after that, the name changed to Imaginary Reads, the blog you see today.

(If you hadn't noticed, I was being punny with the title: Imaginary. Reads. Imaginary reads. We imagine reads. We read, and our imagination takes us places.

I like playing with words, though I've been holding back in my reviews to keep them honest and as unbiased as possible, as much as I want to fangirl over one book or yell in outrage over something in another book. My reviews would be double, triple, quadruple, their lengths if I talked about every little details and start analyzing things. And they'd be spoiler-y. All these are a no-no.)

Looking back at my writing from my WIPs to my writing blog to my old reviews here at Imaginary Reads, I can see that I've come a bit. It's only been around fourteen months since I started book blogging, a little more since my first blog, but I've made improvements. And I really appreciate all of you who follow Imaginary Reads and make the whole blogging business so worthwhile.

So why, Kris, are you rambling like so? Because I ran a tangent into memory line (true fact) while making my intro into another topic. For the past year and a half-ish, I've taken a hiatus from writing to dedicate more time into book blogging. I love the book blogging world, and it's a great place--THE place--to find new reads. School was also taking priority over writing. Recently, however, friends and family have been telling me that I should write. After reading a short story that I wrote for my fiction writing class, a friend asked for more. With the encouragement I've been receiving, I've decided to begin working on my manuscripts again.

Today, I took a break from reading and finished designing my new writing blog. Symbolic for a new start, yes, but also because I would feel really weird posting on a writing blog under the name: Kris (Imaginary Reads). And, two, because my writing name is different from my book blogging name (the difference of two letters). If you were following me before, I'd love if you'd follow my new writing/personal blog. If you found me through Imaginary Reads and would be interested in hearing more from and about me, I'd also love to have you at Kristy Writes!

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  1. I'm a new follower, but I'll follow your writing blog. I'm not much of a writer, but the whole writing process fascinates me. I know it can be a long and frustrating one so good luck on your writing endeavors !


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