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In Need of Imaginary Friend... in other words... Awesome Person

Sunday, June 24, 2012
I need help. Not for the occasional review. An actual blog author who can post at least once a week.


What I'm looking for...

Blogger Experience
It's hard to teach someone how to use Blogger through a computer, so you'll need some Blogger experience or be quick at figuring things out. (Nobody taught me how to use Blogger, and I'm no techie!) I also need for you to follow my format for posts because I'm OCD like that.

Honest Reviews
Tell readers what you liked and what you didn't like about a book. Talk about characters, setting, plot... whatever stood out to you. Fangirl a little if you must, but remember to maintain the integrity of your review. I actually go back and edit out a lot of my fangirling and sarcasm to keep some objectivity in my reviews. The same goes for books you didn't like.

I'm not a big fan of the "I'll only post glowing reviews principle." This blog is here to let people know what I think about books. If you think a little like me, then reading about my honest opinion of a book will help you decide whether or not to read it. If you didn't like a book, then tell readers, but remember to be nice about it. Don't say, "Kris did a horrible job with the characters. I couldn't relate to them at all." That's attacking the author. Instead, you could write, "Because of this and that, I found it hard to relate to the characters," or, "I couldn't relate to the characters. They...."

I'm not asking you to write exactly like me, but I would like for you to hold to the same principles. If you haven't already been following my reviews for long, then it'll help to look over my past reviews.

A Good Match
As I mentioned earlier, I'm not looking for my replica. Our Goodreads shelf should be somewhat similar in the kinds of books we read. I lean towards YA fantasy, contemporary, and dystopian, but I am always open to new genres and middle-grade fiction. I love good humor in a book just as much as a one that sends chills down my spine. Check out my reads on Goodreads and my favorite books. If you don't like a fair amount of what I like, then we might not be a good match.

That said, I would like some diversity, so let's try not to post too many reviews on the same book unless there's something else to add!

Reliability and Dedication
I need to be able to trust you to post on your own and to get things done when I can't. Remember to post a review at least once a week, and if you can't, then ask yourself what else you can do. Is there a favorite book of yours that you'd like to discuss, or did you go to a book event recently and would like to post about it? I'm not always readily able to answer emails, though I spend a fair amount on the computer as a blogger and college student, so I need you to be able to make decisions by yourself.

Note - the only meme I regularly participate in is IMM and you're more than welcome to add your own books to there. I also sometimes participate in Follow Friday. If you don't see my post up, you're welcome to post yourself.

I'm up for sending you some books I get for review if you're interested and willing to pay for shipping. Mostly, I'm leaving things up to you for your post dates. Review what you'd like. If you love an author to death, feel free to to see the author is up for an interview.

Hang Around the Blogosphere
No, we're not going to comment on other blogs just to steal their followers, so get that thought out of your head! But still. Don't just hang around Imaginary Reads. Go out there and comment on other blogs and chat to other Bloggers. This is how we show everyone that we're not pretentious bigots but actually care--and, on a more reasonable level, keep up on what's going on. We can't cover everything here, but we can at least stay in the loop. I read ten to fifteen blogs a day at minimum and try to leave a comment (aka. when I have something meaningful to say). There are a lot of amazing book bloggers out there who deserve some attention!

Take Care of My Baby!
Imaginary Reads is my baby, so I want to have confidence leaving it in your hands.

If you're interested in blogging for Imaginary Reads, please send an email to imaginaryreads {at}gmail{.}com with the following information in the body of the email. Positions opened until I post on the blog about my new imaginary friends, aka people of awesomeness.

Blog link (if you have one):
Goodreads link (if you have one, also friend me if you haven't already!):
Two sample reviews:
Why you want to join:
Why you think you're a good match:

*Last two are a get to know you thing. Don't overthink it. Be honest and, most importantly, be yourself!

The Rule of Reviews

  • Honesty
  • Some objectivity
  • Not too lengthy, but also not too short. I try for at least three paragraphs -- the intro, the heart of the review, and concluding thoughts. 
  • Readers should be able to tell from your review whether it's one they should check out or not.
  • Again, read my past reviews for an example. You don't have to be like me (I like you the way you are!), but I'd like for you to hold to the same principles.
  • By the way, this would be a bad review because I've rambled so much. I shouldn't be covering on key point of a novel over the course of 2+ paragraphs!

Thanks to everyone who's been following Imaginary Reads all this time. You rule. Without you, there would be no blog, or there would be but it wouldn't be that awesome. You're the reason Imaginary Reads is where it is today and the reason I keep blogging!

6 comments on "In Need of Imaginary Friend... in other words... Awesome Person"
  1. Good luck in finding someone to help you with Imaginary Reads. :) Hope you find an awesome match, Kris. :D

  2. The Feather and the Rose is a partner-blog, and I can tell you how great it is to have someone else helping you out. Best of luck finding someone!

  3. I've always wanted to blog with someone else, but I'm so horrible at actually posting reviews because I hardly ever read! :/ If I read more, I'd definitely sign up. But I need to work on that first, I think...

    Good luck on the hunt, Kris! :D


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