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Imagine This: The Ultimate Hero Team

Saturday, June 23, 2012
Imagine This is a feature hosted by Austin at Imaginary Reads. Every Saturday, Austin comes up with a question that asks readers to explore a book and come up with an outcome using the power of imagination.

This week's question:
You are trying to save the world from [insert generic villain], but you can't do it alone. Who would you team up with?

My Answer:
My team would be:

Neville Longbottom

Everyone knows he's the TRUE chosen one, and every team needs its hero :)

Team Rocket

Team Rocket should be worshipped for their immortality. In over 10 years, they have not aged at all, and they have somehow cheated death in almost every episode. Plus, their strange ability to  create/buy giant robots could come in handy.


Who doesn't want a living stuffed animal on their team? He would be useful as a spy too :)

Maito Gai

Lookit that sexy pose and those manly eyebrows :O Maito Gai is in the springtime of his youth!!! He's a passionate warrior, has plenty of experience as a ninja and every team needs a lady killer :)

Hiruma Yoichi

The man who can melt pure white ice into a black, sinister mist! Known as the Commander From Hell, Hiruma Yoichi!!! Hiruma, the evil genius, would be the strategist on my team, and he can recruit manpower for the team with his book of threats.

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