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Imagine This: The Fight for Love and Saving the World

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Imagine This is a feature hosted by Austin at Imaginary Reads. Every Saturday, Austin comes up with a question that asks readers to explore a book and come up with an outcome using the power of imagination.

This week's question:
What would you do if you had to choose between true love and saving the world?

 My Answer:
If I had to be a sparkly vampire, I'd rather choose to save the world, but if I was a regular person, I'd leave the world saving to the plot hacking hero and live forever with my one true love <3
Toriko and I share the same true love
3 comments on "Imagine This: The Fight for Love and Saving the World"
  1. I'd probably chose saving the world because I don't believe in true love. (Me? Bitter? Never...) Plus, I'd never be able to live with the guilt of screwing everything up just because I wanted to be selfish. I'm already selfish enough as is.

    Great question, Austen!

  2. Nice question, Austin. I love how you leave the world saving to plot-hacking heros :P Love the Toriko reference.


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