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Review - Boston Jane Trilogy

Tuesday, May 8, 2012
Boston Jane Trilogy
(#1 An Adventure, #2 Wilderness Days, #3 The Claim)
by Jennifer L. Holm

Author: Website
Publisher: Harper Trophy
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Sixteen-year-old Jane Peck has ventured to the unknown wilds of the Northwest to wed her childhood idol, William Baldt. But her impeccable training at Miss Hepplewhite's Young Ladies Academy in Philadelphia is hardly preparation for the colorful characters and crude life that await her in Washington Territory.

Thrown upon her wits in the wild, Jane must determine for herself whether she is truly proper Miss Jane Peck of Philadelphia, faultless young lady and fiancee, or Boston Jane, as the Chinook dub her, fearless and loyal woman of the frontier.

An exciting new novel from Jennifer L. Holm, author of the Newbery Honor Book "Our Only May Amelia."

After recently reading Bright Young Things, I felt a hankering to read more historical fiction, so I went and checked out the Luxe series and Beautiful Days by Anna Godbersen in addition to an old favorite trilogy of mine: Boston Jane. Happily, I am as much in love with this series as when I first read it back in the day.

In fact, it was a refreshing break from the darker reads that have been flooding the YA market nowadays. Boston Jane's spunk and attitude lighten the atmosphere, as she attempts to find a balance between her survival instincts and her desire to be a lady. The romance is sweet and far from the focus of the plot despite Jane's engagement being the reason for her arrival in the Washington Territory whereas most YA books nowadays are filled with passionate love scenes.

The trilogy follows Jane as she struggles between her desire to present herself as a lady and the growing desire within herself to be the spunky girl that her father took pride in, the girl that a certain sailor finds attractive. Her misadventures are a delight to follow, first as she grows into life surrounded by Indians and rowdy men, and then as she fights to protect those that she cares about and learns to open her heart to another man.

Boston Jane is about being yourself and opening your heart to those who care about you. It is about taking responsibility and seizing chances, rather than depending on luck or others to help you. It is about the comradery that forms in an environment where man cannot survive alone. I would definitely recommend this book to middle-grade readers and for older historical-fiction readers looking for a light read.
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