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Book Review: The Girl in the Park

Wednesday, March 14, 2012
The Girl in the Park
by Mariah Fredericks

5 stars: Highly Recommended
Format: ARC
Publication: April 24, 2012 (Hardback)
Pages: 224
Publisher: Random House Children's Books
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When Wendy Geller's body is found in Central Park after the night of a rager, newspaper headlines scream,"Death in the Park: Party Girl Found Strangled." But shy Rain, once Wendy's best friend, knows there was more to Wendy than just "party girl." As she struggles to separate the friend she knew from the tangle of gossip and headlines, Rain becomes determined to discover the truth about the murder. Written in a voice at once immediate, riveting, and utterly convincing, Mariah Frederick's mystery brilliantly exposes the cracks in this exclusive New York City world and the teenagers that move within it.

The first word that came to mind when I finished this book was "wow." In the span of a little over 200 pages, Mariah Fredericks captivated me and sent her message home. The Girl in the Park reminds me of the saying that goes along the lines of "it can be any of us." Wendy is the party girl, but she is also the one who wants to be loved, the one who had a nice best friend, the one who made the wrong decisions and placed her trust in the wrong people.

I love how the flashbacks develop the context surrounding the situation. While they show us how Rain can't stop thinking about Wendy after hearing about Wendy's murder, they also tell us more about Rain and Wendy, their friendship, and how they drifted apart. It makes us all the more curious about the circumstances surrounding Wendy's murder.

Rain, the nice former best friend, is an easily relatable narrator. Like Wendy, she also wants to be loved. Unlike Wendy, she listens and observes. She doesn't try to be someone that she isn't. And when people start saying mean things about Wendy after Wendy's murder, Rain is the one who tries to find out what really happens because she is one of the few who knows what Wendy was actually like. Through her, we get a better understanding of who Wendy Geller is and about human nature in general.

The Girl in the Park is a quick read and one that I am glad to have read during the day. If you like dark mysteries, go ahead and read it in the dark. If not, you should still read this, but read it when you're safe, locked up, and the sun is shining.

Disclaimer: I received an ARC of this book from the publisher. No payment was received in return for a review. The receipt of the book had no influence on the opinions expressed in my review.
5 comments on "Book Review: The Girl in the Park"
  1. This one sounds so great, a murder plot but combined with friendship that goes beyond the grave.

    Thanks so much!

  2. OH I didn'T know this was such a short book I have it as well for review. I'm really looking forward to it now it sounds even better than I was expecting.

  3. glad you liked this book as much as I did!!!

  4. I've admit it! I've never heard about this book, but sounds really awesome!
    I'll be looking forward!

  5. oh! Ive not heard of this one but it sounds great. Thanks!


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