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Thursday, February 9, 2012

GO TEAM REN!! Yep, I'm participating in the Love Triangle Debate at Lisa and Brodie's February Valentine's Event as Team Ren's representative. Go check out the original post of my Team Ren post and VOTE FOR REN!!! Then read this post along with the Ren scenes I found while looking for quotations for the Characters in Love event. (Yes, silly Kris forgot to look up quotations for the original post.)

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Ren is bad boy. He’s dangerous, both as a fighter and as a lover. As a Guardian, Ren is someone you don’t want to meet in battle. He is a charismatic leader with the charm and intelligence to garner a following. One second, you’re his enemy; the next, he has your loyalty. As a guy, Ren is hot and sexy, a bit provocative, and very tempting. Even though Calla gives her heart to Shay, she can’t help but feel attracted to Ren. He is the alpha male with whom she’s been destined to be, and she can’t deny that she is not completely immune to his charms. If the Keepers weren’t so adamant on putting them together, Calla would have given him more of a chance from the start.

     “This is where you belong, Calla.” He pulled me closer, tilting my chin up. “Be with me. Tell me it’s what you want.”
     I couldn’t tear my eyes from his. “What I want?”
     “Yes. Anything, everything you need, I’ll give you. Always. I promise. Just tell me one thing.”
     “That you want this, us.” His voice dropped so low I could barely hear him. “That someday you’ll love me.”
     My hands began to tremble where they rested around his neck. “Ren, you know we’re going to be together. We’ve both known that for a long time.”
     He gave me a hard look. “That’s not what I’m talking about.”
     “Why are you asking me this?” I tried to pull back, but he held me against him.
     The glimmer of a smile appeared on his lips. “Why not?”
     My temper flared. “Are you trying to say that you love me?”
     I meant it as a challenge rather than a serious question, but his eyes seemed to catch fire.
     “What do you think?” He touched his lips to mine, softly at first, gradually building pressure, parting them.”
― Andrea Cremer, Nightshade

The bad boy air is all on the outside, even the cocky attitude that makes Ren so endearing. Inside, Ren is a boy in love. He could have any girl he set his eyes on, but he has always belonged to Calla. Only, she’s the one girl that he doesn’t know how to court. She is his equal as a fellow alpha, and she refuses to be seduced or wooed. Ren’s insecurity about Calla’s feelings breaks down his bad boy image to expose the sweet, caring character within. As a boyfriend and lover, Ren would protect his girl in any situation, be there when she needs his warm arms around her, and be his hot, sexy, witty self when they hang out. And he won't hesitate to give way before her whims when she needs him to do so.

This is what makes Ren a true alpha. He knows when to step forward and take charge, and he knows when it is time to back down. While he does press his feelings on Calla, he doesn’t overwhelm her. When he and Shay threaten to tear each other’s throats out over her and Calla tells them to back off, he is the first to listen to her. As much as Ren dislikes Shay, he always thinks of Calla first.

     “(Ren's) eyes were sad but resigned. “And where will you go?”
     I couldn’t keep the fear out of my reply. “I don’t know.”
     “Please don’t do this,” he whispered. “Come back with me. We’ll talk to Logan; there has to be an explanation. The Keepers need us; we’re the alphas. We’ll figure this out. They won’t hurt you. I won’t let them.”
― Andrea Cremer, Nightshade

For Ren, it isn’t all about himself. It is about taking care of the girl he loves and giving her happiness, even if it means sacrificing his own. Even if it means taking all of the pain for himself. This is why Ren is the true man in my eyes. He knows what he wants, and he does what he must in order to protect the ones he cares about at his own expense.

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  1. Okay - this guy is totally hot!

    I haven't read any of the books (umm, I'm thinking this has been kinda stupid now!!) but I like the excerpts and this guy sounds great!

  2. Awwwww, I haven't read Nightshade yet, but now I'm just itching to get my hands on a copy! I can already tell I'm going to love that bad-boy Ren! ♥


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