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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Asher is the wild rebel that good girls should stay away from. He is the dark and passionate one that allures you. Energy surrounds Asher, and it is easy to get caught up in his face. While Skye believes that she knows what she wants, Asher makes her question herself. Does she really want to be a good girl? Or does she want to throw caution to the wind and see what happens? Girls flock around Asher like it is the most natural thing in the world, but it isn't really him. All they see is his front. They can't make sense of the complex puzzle that is Asher.

“You don't have a heartbeat," I realized.
"Does that bother you?" He asked.
"No." I thought for a minute. "As long as you can feel things and care about things."
"It's a misconception that you need a heart to love," Asher whispered into my hair.”

Outside, he is the wild rebel; inside, his worries amount to the weight of the world. Although Heaven may view him as a rebel, his heart is as pure as they come. Honestly, I have no idea what his goodness level amount to, and it doesn't matter. What really matters is that he takes Skye's feelings into consideration. He is there for her.

Not to say that Devin isn't there either. Yes, Devin also cares for Skye, but he isn't as free as Asher. And he isn't willing to put his entire being on the line for her or suspect his superiors of malicious intentions towards her, not until it is too late. In light of the fact that he acts on the orders of beings that you do not want to cross, it is easier to understand his position. Nevertheless, he remains indecisive for too long and cannot give Skye the attention and care that I believe she deserves.

“Then all of a sudden he'd taken two giant steps towards me, and before I knew it, had taken my face into his hands and the rest of me into the darkness of his wings and we were kissing each other in my little bedroom, in my little house, in my little town, while the mountains soared into the sky.”

Asher is the one who protects Skye when it really matters. He is there when she needs a friend, he is there to protect her, and he is there with his heart in hand. I have a soft spot for hot, bad boys who really aren't bad boys, if that makes any sense, and Asher is a dangerous boy in a tough spot with a soft heart. If you search for a guardian angel with no loyalties to Heaven and is not afraid to do whatever is necessary to be with you and keep you safe, if you are looking for a hot, dark, and wild with a past, then look no further. Join team Asher, if you haven't already done so.

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1 comment on "Team Asher"
  1. A Beautiful Dark is the book I was matched with in the Harper Love facebook page.

    I'd totally go with Asher!

    I love how he seems like the bad boy but he's got all this kindness and goodness in him. That's the most important, more than reputation.

    I loved this: "It's a misconception that you need a heart to love," Asher whispered into my hair.”

    I'd totally pick Asher!


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