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Characters in Love: The Perfect Couple

Saturday, February 11, 2012
The Perfect Couple (& Giveaway)
Racquel from The Book Barbies

How great my love life is going depends on how well written the romance in the current book I'm reading is. That's because I already embraced the fact that I will die alone. I'm content with it even! I'm going to be buried alone? Who isn't! So I'm living vigorously through novels. I shamelessly admit this, lovelies.

Also it seems my favorite couples have a very important similar thing. To me, the best romances that have me so crazy from swooning I get dizzy, make me hug that certain book to sleep, dream about the couple and make my heart skip beats at every kiss always falls into this equation that equals The Perfect Couple:

Love + Hate = Perfect
Yin + Yang = Perfect
 Opposites attract! Also, all my favorite couples fall under the love-hate category which kind of goes hand-in-hand with opposites attracting. Now some love-hate relationships make me want to rip my hair out. When a character resist her/his feelings for no reason and is blind to obvious attraction, now that is quite annoying. What I like about love-hate relationship is the funny arguments, the awkwardness of a character figuring out that they have pleasant feelings for the person they thought they despised and the journey of acting upon those feelings is always great. Some of my favorite opposites & love-hate relationships are:

Opposites in every essence, rich-poor, white-Mexican, preppy-gang banger and the list goes on. They also hated each other guts at the beginning which only made me love them more! It was so sweet seeing them getting past their differences and learning that after all, they're more similar then they think.
-JohnAfter and Meg from Going Too Far 
Police man and underage party girl. In the beginning, Meg wanted to use John's gun on him and he wanted to use it on her. That's how beautiful relationships start, arresting your love interest! It was greatly developed and a funny relationship.

-Ed and Lucy from Graffiti Moon.
There is previous punching and bicycle crashing involved in this one. A love-hate relationship at it's best that really demonstrates how you find what you most want in the least likely places. 

-Jordan and Courtney from Two-Way Street
It's a little different with Two-Way Street because Jordan and Courtney are a broken up couple who planned to drive to their new University months before their break up but the book does start off with Courtney contemplating Jordan's death and the rest of the book is chapters full of hilarious arguments.

And sexual tension. 

It seems the line between love and hate is a rather thin one which causes sexual tension and who does not adore a "I hate him/her but I'm so attracted to her/him!" scenario? It funny and hot at the same time. The perfect combo.

The reason why I believe opposite personalities create The Perfect Couple is because often opposite personalities exclude insta-love out of the equation. No body likes insta-love, especially me so when the characters hate each other it takes time for them to get past their differences, figure out their feelings and most importantly, acting upon them. Where is the fun in the charcters falling in love from the 3rd chapter? I'm a big believer in "half the fun is in the chase" but instead to me "all the fun is in the chase". I love rooting for the love interests. Screaming "kiss! kiss! kiss! kiss! kiss!" at the book and when it actually happens (a good length into the book when feelings are developed properly, mind you) that kiss becomes a million times sweeter. Those are the kisses that make my heart skip beats and gush in happiness (or jealousy that I don't have that love for myself...)

So there you have it. Those are my Perfect Couples!

Opposites or enemy love recommendations:
Love Story by Jennifer Echols (going to kill each other hate)
Dearly, Departed by Lia Habel (zombie VS. human opposite)
Rules of Attraction by Simone Elkeles (good vs. bad opposite)
Chain Reaction by Simone Elkeles (good vs. bad opposite & love-hate)

Onto the giveaway! I'm giving away a book $12 USD or under of your choice to one winner with THE BEST ANSWER to the question:

To you, what makes up The Perfect Couple & why? (basically meaning, what is your Perfect Couple equation?) make sure to include examples!
This is NOT a random winner giveaway but the person who answer best and most convincingly will win :D Please read the information & fill out your answer in THIS FORM. Good luck!

Mega big thanks to the girls of Imaginary Reads for having me, this was super fun :D
4 comments on "Characters in Love: The Perfect Couple"
  1. I loved this post!

    And I completely agree with her choices!

    The Fuentes boys are awesome:) So are Jordan and Courtney!

  2. I'd also add Aidan and Alex from Half-Blood! They're not supposed to like each other - against the law!! - but they become friends, develop a mutual respect, trust each other and then fall in love. Perfect love:)

  3. I have some of those books on my reading radar. Looks like I'll need to get cracking!

  4. Two-Way Street is a book I totally recommend. You'll love it:)


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