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Characters in Love: Love and Leftovers

Friday, February 24, 2012
Excerpt from Love & Leftovers

If only Linus and I could walk downtown on Thursday nights
when musicians play on the street corners
and art galleries serve crackers and cheese.
If only we could dance on the sidewalk,
look up at the sequined sky
and wish upon the same shooting star.

If only Linus and could teach me chords on his guitar,
reach around to adjust my fingers
and help me strum.
If only we could sing about autumn mist and sealing wax,
hear our voices mingle,
and stir the air as one.

And by being with Linus
I’d figure it out.
I’d learn what love is.
If only Linus would kiss me,
touch the skin under my shirt,
press his fingers to my ribs, and feel my beating heart.

Then I’d know.
I know I’d know.
I’d know
I was in love.

Now, we would like to ask you...
If you had to choose between a brown-eyed rocker boy who writes you love songs and posts
them on YouTube or a popular, soccer-playing jock with a Prince Harry grin who brings you
breakfast, who would you choose?

One winner will receive a copy of Love & Leftovers donated by Harper Teen. Another will receive a love-themed prize pack donated by Sarah Tregay.

Open to U.S. residents
Ends March 25st
To enter, fill out the form below.

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9 comments on "Characters in Love: Love and Leftovers"
  1. I'd totally choose the brown-eyed rocker boy:))

    I love musicians, come from a family of musicians, and I love how my rocker-boy Linus would write songs for me, and make our dates so special by singing me ballads:))

  2. I've never read anything in free verse, but this passage is AWESOME!!

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. the brown-eyed rocker boy of is a for sure way to my heart :D

  5. Neither is my type, but I guess the popular jock who brings me breakfast! :)


  6. I keep re-reading this passage, Linus is incredible!! Love him already:))

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