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Characters in Love: Event Schedule

Monday, February 6, 2012
February has arrived, and along with it, a very special day dedicated to love. In honor of the month of love, Hikari and I have worked to put together the Characters in Love event, bringing to you hot guys, swoonworthy romance, and charrie love. There will be author and character interviews, special guest posts, and more!

And because this is such a big event, you're taking the time to read and comment, and we love you, we will be giving away prizes and more prizes! Some will come along with a post relating to the prize. Some will open on Valentine's Day. (You'll find out about them when the post goes live.) Some will start now!

For each comment that you make on an event post, you will gain a point towards the comment contest giveaway to win some special prizes. To be eligible for the comment contest, please fill out the...

U.S. Prize
Epic Fail by Claire LaZebnik
Forbidden by Tabitha Sazuma (ARC)

International Prize
Book Depository book

To get started with, why don't you comment on this post and let us know what event you are most excited for, what your favorite romances are, and suggest some book prizes you'd like to see. (Yep, the past couple weeks have been hectic, and I'm having a little trouble with brainstorming prizes.)

Event Schedule
(everything that is on here is set; any updates will be when a post/event has been added)

Monday February 6
Book Review - Fallen in Love
Follower Love Giveaway

Tuesday February 7
Treasure Reads - YA Love Quotations
Character Interview - Cole (Everneath)

Wednesday February 8
Book Review - Nightmare Garden
Guest Post - Ideal Guy (Dana Michelle Burnett)

Thursday February 9
Author Interview - Alison Rushby (Shooting Stars)
Book Review - Shooting Stars
Love Triangle Debate - Team Ren

Friday February 10
Character Interview - Sam (Incarnate)
Book Review - Pink
Special Event - Harper Love

Saturday February 11
Guest Post - The Perfect Couple (Racquel from The Book Barbies)
Book Review - Anna and the French Kiss
Guest Post - Wellie (Momo from Books Over Boys)

Sunday February 12
Love Triangle Debate - Team Gale

Monday February 13
Guest Post - On Soulmates (Shelly Crane)
Book Review - A Touch Mortal
Hikari's Random Birthday Post

Tuesday February 14
Treasure Reads - Favorite Boys
Valentines Trivia - Jessie Harrell (Destined)
Special Event - Be My Valentine

Wednesday February 15
Valentine Story - Dalya Moon (Practice Cake)
Book Review - Someone Else’s Life

Thursday February 16
Character Interview - Aíne (Carrier of the Mark)
Book Review - Delirium

Friday February 17
Guest Post - A Little Romance (Claire LaZebnik)
Guest Post - Favorite Couples (Lucia at iLive, iLaugh, iLove Books)

Saturday February 18
Guest Post - Second Loves (Amy Garvey)

Monday February 20
Guest Post - Dream Cast for Life on the Edge (Jennifer Comeaux)

Tuesday February 21
Character Interview - Alex (Delirium)
Team Asher

Wednesday February 22
Guest Post - Forbidden Love (S.M. Reine)

Thursday February 23
Guest Post - Best [Movie] Kisses (Cara Lynn Shultz)

Friday February 24
Guest Post - Bad Boy/ Good Guy Debate (Emma from The Book Barbies)
Giveaway - Ditched (Robin Mellom)
Special Event - Love and Leftovers

Saturday February 25
Guest Post - Favorite Themes - Jennifer Laurens (A Season of Eden)

Monday February 27
Guest Post - A YA Romantic Fantasy in Real Life (Meredith Zeitlin)

Tuesday February 28
Book Review - A Touch Morbid

Wednesday February 29
Book Review - Cross My Heart
Book Review - Wanderlove

Thursday March 1
Special Event - Romeo and Juliet (Remembrance)

7 comments on "Characters in Love: Event Schedule"
  1. What an awesome line up! I'm so excited to be a part of it. Thanks!

  2. I'm most excited for the Delirium Alex interview! I just read it in Jan and it is by far one of my favourite books this year. (and maybe even of the last few months!)

    Thanks for the giveaways and awesome tour :)

  3. Character interviews, yay!!! <3

    I think I'm most excited for the Favorite Couples by Lucia. LOL JUST KIDDING. (That's me.)

  4. @Kali: I LOVE Delirium and am super excited to present the Alex interview. I also have a fun Delirium Contest with an amazing prize in store for those who loved Delirium!

    @Lucia: That is perfectly acceptable! I know that I'm excited for the Love Triangle Debates at Lisa and Brodie's event because I'm taking part in it! (GO TEAM REN AND TEAM ASHER!) ;)

  5. I love the Character Quotations! We get ideas for books to read, and bit of swoon-worthy romance. Also I'm looking forward to all the character interviews

  6. Thank you for the fantastic event!
    I love the reviews and looking forward to the Valentine Special posts!

  7. I totally loved the excerpt from Love and Leftovers!! And Jessie Harrell's Valentine info - so interesting:))

    I have to say all these posts have been awesome!


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