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Characters in Love Event: Character Interview with Sam

Friday, February 10, 2012

Today, I'm excited to say that we have Sam from Jodi Meadow's Incarnate here to talk a little about himself! Before we start, here is a mini Q&A with Jodi about Sam.

Could you tell us a little about Sam and how you came up with him?
Sean Faris as Sam
More than anything, Sam is a musician. Music is a constant throughout his lifetimes; it's what he always goes back to, no matter what else he finds himself interested in.

I didn't so much create Sam as get to know him; all my characters arrive in my head fully formed. But I knew he needed to be patient, open-minded, and willing to put up with a lot of Ana's issues. I didn't want him to be perfect, though. That boy has his own problems.

If you got the chance to meet Sam, what would you do?
I'd hand that boy the nearest instrument and stand back.

Character Interview

Sean Faris as Sam

What is your earliest memory?
Singing. Mimicking birdsong. The memory is so old now I've lost all context for it. Only the music has stayed with me.

What is the most distinct memory you have?
From when and about what? Everyone in Range is blessed (or cursed) with memories from previous lifetimes. Some things fade over time, but I remember everything I need.

Thinking about it, everything must blend together over time. What about music?
Music is part of my soul, a passion I return to every generation. It's work, and no matter how I love it, music can be frustrating and annoying, but it's always worth the effort in the end.

You like to learn new skills. Is there something else out there that you want to learn?
I always want to learn new skills. One of the dangers of perpetual reincarnation is boredom and laziness. Some would say the society of Range is stagnant, and while that may or may not be true, it's something I try to fight in my own lifetimes.

What do you think is beyond Range? Have you ever wanted to explore out there?
Though we tend to stay in Range, we do know a lot about what is beyond. We -- and when I say "we," I mean people who get along better with technology than I -- have sent drones into the wilderness to map, photograph, and catalogue everything. Before drone technology, people often went out to explore on their own. Sometimes they died and were reborn in Heart.

I've done some exploring here and there. Traveling beyond the borders of Range is hugely inspiring, if dangerous, and always give me something new to put into music.

Speaking of inspiration, "Ana Incarnate" is a song for Ana. What were your first thoughts about Ana when you met her? When you realized she was the newsoul?
When I first met Ana -- before I realized she was the newsoul -- I was worried I'd inadvertently offended her lifetimes ago. She was so suspicious of me, even though I'd just pulled her from a freezing lake.

Of course, when I realized who she was and began to get an idea of what Li had been putting her through for eighteen years, Ana's behavior made much more sense. She didn't trust me, or anyone else, because she'd never been given a reason to trust another person. But in spite of our strange introduction, I found her intriguing and different and new. I wanted to know everything about her.

Did she meet or refute any expectations you had for her?
I wasn't sure what to expect from Ana. Truthfully, I hadn't thought about her much until I met her. I knew she existed and that a lot of people blamed her for Ciana's absence, but I've never cared for gossip and others' debates.

If you were to meet her in another lifetime, would you recognize her? How?
I hope I'd recognize her soul. While I've never liked the rededication ceremony and having to prove your love to everyone, the idea of having that kind of connection with someone is enviable. I'm not ready to say if Ana and I will have that or not -- it's far too early to know -- but she's fascinating and wonderful; I wouldn't mind spending a hundred lifetimes with her.

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