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Treasure Reads: Second Books

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Treasured Reads is a feature at Imaginary Reads where Kris talks about special reads from the past week. This may be from a character I adore to a new author I discovered to lines from a book that I want to share with readers.

This week, the theme is...

A Second Book in a Series that I enjoyed

If I thought Delirium was good, Pandemonium is better. Or maybe it's because Delirium was so good that it was natural that I long for Pandemonium. Or maybe it is because Lauren Oliver writes beautiful. It's all of the above.

Pandemonium is good because Delirium exists.

Lauren Oliver develops her characters so thoroughly, from their emotions to their personalities to their wishes and wants, that you can't help but grow attached to them. She continues to exhibit this strength in Pandemonium, and she does it so well that my heart broke along with Lena, faced the same dilemmas as Lena.

Such as longing for Alex and never wanting to heal because if Lena doesn't heal, it means she will keep waiting for Alex, hoping that Alex is still alive, and maybe, just maybe, a miracle will happen and he will appear.

Pandemonium incorporates heartbreak, growth, and heart-pounding action in a book that will make you long for book three as soon as you read the last words.

Read my official review in the post below.

What sequels have you enjoyed? What 2012 sequels are you looking forward to?
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  1. I SO want to read this. I'll have to check out your review.


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