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Treasure Reads: Why I Love the Books I Love

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Treasured Reads is a feature at Imaginary Reads where Kris talks about special reads from the past week. This may be from a character I adore to a new author I discovered to lines from a book that I want to share with readers.

This week, the theme is...

Why I love the books I love

I have always thought of myself as an open-minded reader. I've gone through the fantasy phase, the historical fiction phase, the old Classics phase, the paranormal phase, the contemporary phase, the dystopian phase. I love books from Pride and Prejudice to The Golden Compass to Paranormalcy to Delirium to Anna and the French Kiss to Glow.

Then I found myself looking for action in books that I have been reading recently: Pandemonium, Wings of the Wicked, and The Gathering Storm all had action. And I praised them for it in the reviews that I wrote.

That got me thinking.

In reality, I've found that there are three distinct lines of books that I love. There are the fun, light books like Paranormalcy and Anna and the French Kiss. They are fun, and they make me laugh. There are books with meaning like Sarah Dessen's books and Hannah Harrington's Saving June. Then there are the books with action. These include books like Pandemonium, Divergent, and Angelfire.

With all the authors and stories out there, we have a book... millions of books... for every occasion. Why do you love the books that you love? Have you found recurring patterns?
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