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Follow Friday 78: Unread Books on the Shelf

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Q: Go count the number of unread books sitting on your shelf. How many?

On my actual bookshelf, around twenty. Ever since I got my Kindle, I've been bad about buying actual hardcopies of books. Sure, I prefer them, but living in a residence hall on campus, I only have so much space for actual books. Plus, owning a Kindle is like owning a portable library--actually, it is one. I get so many free and bargain books on it, in addition to new books, that there many, many books I haven't read on it. I'm bad. I love books, but I don't have time to even check out everything I want to at least attempt to read.

How about you?

6 comments on "Follow Friday 78: Unread Books on the Shelf"
  1. I know what you mean I have so many books now on my kindle its ridiculous(;

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  2. Hopping through. I need to buy more e-books. I love physical books but e-books are so handy.
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  3. Just hopping by, luck with your reading.

  4. New follower! Thanks for saying that a Kindle is like a portable library. I think I might order one now. I have been debating, but it does seem pretty useful. Looking forward to your reviews!

  5. I have a lot of books on my Nook as well! I really need to read them. :) Thanks for hopping by today!

  6. How many unread books are in your Kindle? These should count as well!

    Thanks for stopping by! I'm an old follower :)


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