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Characters in Love Event: Dalya Moon's Valentine Story

Wednesday, February 15, 2012
Thank you, Kris and friends, for asking me to share a Valentine's Day Story!

Last year, my sweet husband presented me with a lovely Valentine's day surprise: a card, a bouquet of flowers, plus a box of five Solly's cinnamon buns baked in the shape of a heart. If you've never been to one of Vancouver's finest bakeries, Solly's, and enjoyed their famous cinnamon buns, imagine five pounds of buttery heaven, from fluffy bun to thick, caramelized sugar coating the bottom.

My beloved, bless his heart, is not much of a wordsmith, so when I opened the card, I found it was a simple one, and signed as coming from our cats, which is normal in our house.

Next, I noticed that attached to the box of cinnamon buns was a tiny envelope, with yet another card inside.

As I opened the wee envelope, I said, “What, another card?”

He smirked.

I pulled out the tiny, second card, which simply read, in my husband's handwriting, Another Card!

That card is now stuck to our fridge, and one of the best cards I've ever received. Oh, and the cinnamon buns? Gone in two days.

I think sharing a joke together is romantic, so when I wrote Practice Cake, I wanted to show humor playing a big role in relationships. The main character, Maddie, jokes around with her best friend, but her relationship with her boyfriend has somewhat cooled, as evidenced by little joking between them.

In contrast, Maddie's new co-worker, Drew, is always cracking her up. His good looks and the fact that he's even paying attention to Maddie leads to her crushing on him, despite her best efforts to stop having feelings for a boy who isn't her boyfriend. Seriously, how do you get rid of an unwanted crush? Is there hypnosis available? Too bad you can't get a patch or something, like when someone's quitting smoking!

While all the characters in Practice Cake are fictional, I'm sure any girl who's worked with flirty co-workers can relate! Based on the anecdotes of friends who work in restaurants, it seems those places are hotbeds of soap opera activity! I think that movie with Ryan Reynolds, Waiting, is practically a documentary.

Over the course of the book, Maddie experiences the highs and lows of dating, and in the end, gets just a tiny bit wiser about boys, love, and what's important in life.

Thanks for reading my guest blurb, and I hope you get a chance to check out Practice Cake, available through Amazon. I also have another book out February 1st 2012, a short novella with romance plus a paranormal element, called Poke.


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4 comments on "Characters in Love Event: Dalya Moon's Valentine Story"
  1. Your story is so sweet!!

    And sometimes actions do speak louder than eloquently strung words:))

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  3. Great story! It's the little and thoughtful things that really matter!


  4. Thanks so much for the giveaway, i'd love to read these!


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