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2012 Resolutions

Sunday, January 1, 2012
Here it is! The new year's. While Follow Friday had something a little similar to this, I want to take the time to write some official resolutions for the new year.

2012 Reading Goals
  1. Spread my reading range. Looking at my 2011 reviews, the paranormal/urban fantasy genre dominated my reading list. I want to read other genres too.
  2. Dedicate some time to books already out there. There are many good books that I still haven't gotten around too, and I want to give them some time. This includes the Mortal Instruments series, The Hunger Games trilogy, and the Inheritance cycle, of which I've only read the first two books.
  3. Complete my reading challenges.

2012 Blogging Goals
  1. Comment more. This includes responding to comments at Imaginary Reads and commenting on other blogs. I love comments, and I love many blogs out there. I want to show my appreciation to my fellow bloggers.
  2. Book talk more. These past couple months, I've been so busy that I was barely hanging on with reading and reviewing. I haven't book talked nearly as much as I want to. Hopefully Treasure Reads and Imagine This will keep me in the game.
  3. Stop designing (except to smooth some kinks). Frequent visitors will know that Hikari and I have played with the design for Imaginary Reads a little too much. It wouldn't have been nearly so drawn out as it has been if we didn't have studies and activities to keep up with. As it is, Hikari and I would design a little, and then leave it lying around until we had more time to work on it again. Maybe we should have kept it all to a testing blog, but you never know if a design will work out until you see it on your actual page. At least, that's how it has been for us.
  4. Keep learning more about Blogger. And hopefully how to get those post titles back up.
  5. Use those social media site! I'm new to twitter and Facebook pages this year and am still figuring out how to maximize these.
  6. Expand readership. I love talking about books and sharing my thoughts on books. I'd love to reach out to a greater audience and get more feedback from them. Reading more than about myself. It is about sharing my love of books with people and hearing back from them!

How about you? What are your 2012 resolutions?
8 comments on "2012 Resolutions"
  1. These are some wonderful resolutions. I wish you the best on working toward all these goals and look forward to a new year following your blog. :)

  2. 1st: Happy New Year!

    2nd: I have the comment problem as well. Answering comments left on my blog is easy enough, because I use But leaving comments somewhere else - especially longer ones, seems to be almost impossible. I might leave two-three okay-ish comments, but it's just not enough, especially because there are blogs I LOVE and have never stopped by to leave one.

    I think the real problem is that we all like to say we love talking about books, and we all do, but bookblogging takes time. By expanding our audiance, and by hosting giveaways, reviewing books, interviewing authors, most time for things like a simple chat on ICQ is gone.

    A few ladies from Germany and I finally took the opportunity to actually install a real chatting program and had so much fun once it worked. I think only then did I realize how much I should try to start 'talking' to people again. *sigh* Does that make sense?

    Btw, I actually liked that you changed your themes often. The only problem I had was the font and that sometimes it took some time to load. (I suppose graphics or widgets?)

    3rd: There is stuff to learn about blogger? It's not supposed to be rude, I'm really curious, because blogger always seemed to be so.. well, simple. That was actually what most people answered in my survey when I asked them if they used Blogger, Wordpress, Livejournal etc. and why. *is being noisy again* *but really wants to know*

    As for the title - If it works as wordpress does (with PHP) you would actually only need an echo. With wordpress you'd have <.?php the title blabla (); .> so maybe blogger has something like that, too? : )

    All my best!


  3. @Patricia:

    It is all too true that time is a big factor. Being a student and book blogger at the same time makes for a busy schedule. I completely understand what you mean about chatting with people. I myself haven't found much time to talk with fellow readers and bloggers.

    The font that we're using involves using another site where we uploaded the font that we wanted to use, so that's probably why it sometimes takes time to load.

    I've heard that blogger is friendly for beginning coders. You don't even have to know code to use it. On the other hand, Wordpress lets you do even more advance coding. We've considered switching over to Wordpress, but Blogger has what we want and we haven't had reason to switch thus far. We may switch over later if we want to do more coding.


  4. I love your blog design! So I can't help but be against that resolution. I love coming to a blog that I regularly visit and see that it has gotten a new look. But I do know what you mean about tweeking.

    Great list of resolutions. I hope 2012 is a great year for you!

    Here are my 2012 goals

  5. Great Reolutions. I believe Pen and Ink's resolutions will be up at 7:00 AM January 2nd.
    Come visit. Happy New Year!
    The Management

  6. Your resolutions seem similar to mine! I'm trying to read less YA, since so many YA blogs post about mostly the same books, and I'm trying to comment more on others' blogs.


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