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Imagine My Mailbox (16)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Kris's Mailbox

(Click on cover image for book synopsis)

For Review:

Ripper: I adore historical fiction. I haven't read a historical fiction about a girl who develops a psychic connection to Jack the Ripper.

Slide: Another "psychic" murder mystery. Vee "slides" into other people's bodies during her supposed narcoleptic fits, and she finds out during one of these supposed fits that her sister's best friend was murdered. I love books with paranormal twists, especially when they're doing something other than fighting with the peace of the world at stake.

Invisible Sun (Black Hole Sun #2): Did I mention that I also like books that take place on Mars where mercenary guys steal top-secret projects and anger the government to feed their brains, aka. to learn more about AI's implanted in their brains? In short, I haven't read enough sci-fi/fantasy books or books with a male protagonist.

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5 comments on "Imagine My Mailbox (16)"
  1. Awesome books this week! Slide looks and sounds amazing :) Enjoy!

    Shortskie's Mailbox

  2. I received RIPPER as well this week! I can't wait to read aboutJack The Ripper! Slide definitely has a unique concept, but I've read mixed reviews about it....but I hope I'll like it!
    Here's My IMM

  3. I can't wait to read Slide. I hope you enjoy it! Come check out my IMM!!

  4. Awesome IMM! I cant wait to read Slide, it sounds really good! Enjoy your books!

    My IMM:


  5. Slide's cover is GORGEOUS!!!! I hadn't heard of the other 2 though so thanks for presenting them to me in a way heheheh anyways happy reading!!
    here's my IMM for this week if you'd like to check it out->


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