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Character Interview: Trevor from Geek Girl

Tuesday, November 15, 2011
Geek Girl brings together a geek guy and a goth girl. Sure, geeks and goths are stereotypes, but this story is more than that. It breaks down social stereotypes to show that we all have a little bit of geek inside of us. Today, Trevor (geek guy) has come to Imaginary Reads to talk about his relationship with Jen (goth girl with a bit of geek in her) and a little about himself.

Welcome to Imaginary Reads, Trevor. We're excited to have you here with us today!

You and Jen come from entirely different crowds. What were your thoughts when Jen first approached you at the dance?
I thought, “Why in the world would Jennifer Jones want to dance with me?” But I thought it would be rude to say no. Then it was bizarre, like she was almost hitting on me. It confused me and honestly upset me a little because I thought she was doing it to make fun of me for her friends. It was definitely weird.

If you were so weirded out about her, why did you invite her to watch movies with your friends for the first time?
I’m not really sure. She’d just asked me if I wanted to go to a party with her, but I already had plans. It just seemed the right thing to see if she wanted to come with me instead, since she’d asked first. I really thought she’d say no. Even when she said yes, I didn’t really think she’d come.

What did you think about her before she approached you? In the days following the dance where she first made contact with you?
I didn’t really ever think much about her. I mean, her friends and mine don’t exactly hang out at the same places, you know? I knew who she was, but then I know who most everyone is that I go to school with is. After the dance, I kind of kept thinking of her because it was so weird to me for her to ask me to dance. And then she kept saying hi to me in the halls. I didn’t really know what she was up to, but I started to think maybe she really did kind of like me. I figured maybe it was the opposite of when girls go after the “bad boys”, like she wanted to see what it was like hanging with someone who was completely opposite of her. She made me think about her a lot, until it didn’t seem so strange to think of her as sort of a friend.

Once you got to know Jen better, what about her first caught your attention?
Her smile. When she genuinely smiled, it changed her whole appearance. She just kind of lit up. It’s kind of corny, I guess, but when she smiled it made me feel happy. Her hair was pretty cool, too, with the red stripes in it. And she was really funny and sarcastic, kind of like my dad.

When did you first know that you really liked Jen?
The first time she went to the senior center with me. I mean, most girls would never want to do that, they would think it was lame. But she came, and helped out, and never treated the people we were serving with anything but respect. Then afterwards, when we went to eat at the Italian place, and the waitress was so rude to her, she didn’t say anything, just gave her kind of a hard time when she ordered. I think that’s when I could see that underneath the hard exterior she wears, she was just a girl like anyone else—except maybe a little more honest. I mean, I know now she was just trying to win a bet by hanging out with me, but in everything else she was always honest and didn’t play games that some of the girls do. Plus, she really liked my car. That’s a definite bonus.

Speaking of the senior center, how did you first start volunteering with the elderly?
When I was twelve, my grandma lived at the senior center. I used to go over to visit her and play the piano for her. Pretty soon I just started helping out, and after she was gone, I just kept going until I became a regular volunteer.

You spend a lot of time singing and playing the piano at the senior center, and you sing a special song of your own making. When did you begin singing and writing your own music?
My mom claims I’ve been singing my whole life. I always liked to sing. In middle school I decided to try out for the choir, and I’ve been singing since. I started piano when I was pretty young, and I think I wrote my first piece of music when I was about 10 or so. It was really bad, but I liked the whole process, so I’ve been doing it since.

Thanks for dropping by, Trevor. I enjoyed talking to you, and I know readers will be happy to hear from you as the story is told entirely from Jen's perspective!

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  1. On behalf of Trevor I would like to thank you for giving him the chance to give a small piece of his side of the story, to share a bit of his perspective.


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