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Friday, September 9, 2011

Q. Have you ever wanted a villain to win at the end of a story? If so, which one??

Misfit by Jon Skovron. If you've read my review of Misfit, you'll know that I got fed up with how easily Jael came into her powers and defeated the all-powerful Belial, the guy that is feared by everyone with a connection to demons. Being a teenage half-demon girl just come into her powers, Jael should have a harder time defeating him--at least, in my opinion. I don't like it when the main character acts brashly, ignores her father's wisdom, charges into things, and actually wins. The points don't add up.

Besides, Belial is cool despite being on the wrong side. I liked him. I liked his arrogance... and he has a reason to flaunt his power. He's the big bad guy. Between him and Jael, I'm on Team Belial all the way.

Except... Jael kind of already won... but a girl can dream, can't she?

Have you read Misfit? What are your opinions on it? In what other stories have you wanted the villain to win?

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  2. I haven't read this, but it sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. I haven't this book yet! I want to read it soon!

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