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Friday, August 5, 2011

Q. Talk about the book that most changed or influenced your life (was it a book that turned you from an average to avid reader, did it help you deal with a particularly difficult situation, does it bring you comfort every time you read it?).

Early middle school, I went through a historical fiction craze followed by a classic trend. I was an avid reader those days. When I entered senior high, however, I stopped 'fun' reading altogether because once I started a book I couldn't stop reading. It... took away from much needed homework time.

Fall of 2010, I decided that it had to stop. I couldn't just take away YA fiction from my life. I love reading too much, and I felt that I needed fun in my life. So I went online to B&N and browsed YA books and bought Paranormalcy by Kiersten White and Nightshade by Andrea Cremer.

I read Paranormalcy first. It not only brought YA fiction back into my life, it got me into a paranormal craze. f taught me that werewolves haven't been used up to the max. That werewolves are still in and still have style.

What about you? What books have/currently influence(d) your lives?

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  1. GFC Follower :) I love your picks! Really good books!

    Hippies, Beauty, and Books. Oh My!

  2. I loved both of those books so much! Nightshade was just amazing (I finally got my hands on a copy of Wolfsbane!) and Paranormalcy was pure fun! Awesome picks for your answer!

    Thanks so much for stopping by! I'm following you back for sure! :)

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Still haven't got to read Paranormalcy but I want to.

    Here's mine:

  4. I haven't read either of those, but I know what you mean about loving paranormal books! I know I do! Great answer!

    Here's my FF!

  5. Thanks for following&im following back!

  6. Hopping through. Great choice! Paranormalcy is once of the best YA books.
    My Hop

  7. I would not be able to stop! I'd go insane and start lurking around the library entrance.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Nice mini bio.
    - New follower

    Cassandra @ Book & Movie Dimension(

  9. I can relate to not having enough study time!


  10. I haven't heard of either of those titles. Thanks for the recommend. Friday Post!


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