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Review: The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa

Monday, August 15, 2011
5 Stars: Incredible
Series: Iron Fey #4
Paperback: 394 Pages
Publication: October 26, 2011 by Harlequin Teen

Ash, former prince of the Winter Court, gave up everything. His title, his home, even his vow of loyalty. All for a girl… and all for nothing.

Unless he can earn a soul.

To cold, emotionless faery prince Ash, love was a weakness for mortals and fools. His own love had died a horrible death, killing any gentler feelings the Winter prince might have had. Or so he thought.

Then Meghan Chase—a half human, half fey slip of a girl— smashed through his barricades, binding him to her irrevocably with his oath to be her knight. And when all of Faery nearly fell to the Iron fey, she severed their bond to save his life. Meghan is now the Iron Queen, ruler of a realm where no Winter or Summer fey can survive.

With the (unwelcome) company of his archrival, Summer Court prankster Puck, and the infuriating cait sith Grimalkin, Ash begins a journey he is bound to see through to its end— a quest to find a way to honor his solemn vow to stand by Meghan’s side.

To survive in the Iron realm, Ash must have a soul and a mortal body. But the tests he must face to earn these things are impossible. At least, no one has ever passed to tell the tale. And along the way Ash learns something that changes everything. A truth that turns reality upside down, challenges his darkest beliefs and shows him that, sometimes, it takes more than courage to make the ultimate sacrifice.

The Iron Queen left us with a sense of despair when Meghan Chase took her place as the Iron Queen and banished her one true love from her court to save his life. Now, Ash returns to fulfill his vow to Meghan and find a way for him to stay with her… he returns to win himself a mortal soul. In order to do this, Ash must travel to the End of the World and be the first to pass the multiple challenges set his way.

Looking at Ash through Meghan’s eyes, he seems to be a calm, collected man who rarely lets slip the mask he wears, the one of a Winter prince. While the past books have hinted that there is more to him, The Iron Knight gives us a glimpse into the man behind his mask, and we see Ash for who he really is: an insecure man with centuries of burdens weighing on his shoulders. He worries that he isn’t strong enough for Meghan, he regrets his long feud with his best friend, and he mourns Ariella’s untimely death.

I trusted Ash to overcome any physical obstacles that would come this way. What I wanted to know was if Ash’s love could overcome its own obstacles, and Kagawa brought out the big guns for this. Time after time, even before reaching the End of the World, Ash’s love for Meghan is tested. And once you think Ash’s heart has won, there are bigger challenges awaiting him at the final destination of his journey.

If I thought I loved the Winter prince, I love the man inside even more. He wears a cool demeanor on the outside, but he has the potential to have one of the warmest, most loving souls out there, if he can only overcome his past. Kagawa gives us insight into his potential life as a human with Meghan besides him, and it’s bittersweet with all that it represents. It’s hard to believe, but this is the end of our journey with Meghan and Ash. I’m going to miss them.

And Grim. He’s the cattiest of all cats. Hard as it is to believe, I’ll miss “Wolf Man,” as well. I grew rather fond of him over the course of Ash’s journey. I can’t forget Puck’s sense of humor. That’s impossible not to miss. I’ve always been jealous of Meghan for having him as a best friend. As for the seer, the seer was a necessity to this story, though it doesn’t mean I liked the conflicts the seer caused for Ash. Without the seer, Ash couldn’t have made it to the End of the World, and he wouldn’t have been able to put his past behind. After all, that is the job of a seer—to point the path to the future.

Julie Kagawa brings the Iron Fey series to a stunning conclusion in The Iron Knight. Ash’s love for Meghan will be tested in a manner that has the potential to stir doubts in even his most devout fans. Julie had me captivated and falling more in love with the Iron Knight with every page. The Iron Knight is a book for re-reading. I recommend it to those of you who love everything to do with the fey, to those of you who love magical adventures, and most of all to those of you who love romance stories, because this is one that puts the truest of hearts to the test.

For more information about the Iron Fey, check out the official site. Also look forward to the companion series that will be told from the point of view of Meghan's brother Ethan, which I am so, so, so looking forward to reading. I also thought we didn't see enough of him!! (Which means we'll probably see recurring characters... but I will miss seeing them from Meghan's perspective.)


An ARC was provided by the publisher for review purposes.
4 comments on "Review: The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa"
  1. I'm soooo jealous! This is one of the books I can't wait to read. I think this is one of the rare times I actually want the sommer to end and october to come ;)

    I'm a new follower.
    Nimue @

  2. THE IRON KNIGHT s on my reading list. Thank you for the great review.

  3. I have been wanting to read this series but have not managed it yet. I had a couple of the books but lost them in the Joplin Missouri tornado when I lost my apartment and all my things. I hope to pick them up soon. I've heard nothing but good things about this series and since I do enjoy some YA books I think I will like these.

  4. As an ending to my review, I would like to add a chuckle for the fun little interview attached to the end of the book and a virtual smack on the head for Puck because he got that song stuck in my head. I would recommend this novel to lovers of fantasy, epic romance, sacrifice and wonderful characters. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


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