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Review: Huber Hill and The Dead Man's Treasure by B.K. Bostick

Sunday, August 21, 2011
5 Stars: Incredible
Series: Huber Hill #1
Hardback: 256 Pages
Publication: October 4, 2011 by Bonneville Books

When his grandfather dies, Huber Hill is devastated---until he opens Grandpa Nick's mysterious box. An old gold coin and directions to a hidden Spanish treasure send him and his friends off on an mind-blowing adventure, but he's not the only one on the hunt. Filled with dangerous animals and cryptic puzzles, this book will have you on the edge of your seat until the last page.

Huber Hill and the Dead Man’s Treasure encompasses the spirit of adventure. Starting at the bottom of the social ladder, Huber confronts his fears, befriends the school’s bully, and goes in search of an ancient Spanish treasure over which blood has been shed. In the midst of all this, he will discover the most important treasures of all: friendship, life, and trust.

I can’t remember how long it’s been since I enjoyed a mystery novel involving dead man and ancient treasure. I couldn’t have asked for better characters than Huber, Scott, and Hannah, or for a badder bad guy to stalk them than Juan Hernan Salazar. I enjoyed watching the children solve the riddles to the treasure and outwit Salazar as he attempted to claim the treasure for himself. Along the way, tween angst manifests itself in Huber’s insecurities and Hannah and Scott’s growing awareness of each other.

There are countless things I enjoyed about this book, but I would like to give a special mention to Scott. For all we know at the beginning, he’s a big bully who picks on Huber just because he can. However, after the cafeteria fight that leads to the realization that their enmity was a huge misunderstanding, you learn that he’s a really cool kid. I am so glad that BK Bostick rounded out Scott’s character because not only does it break social stereotypes, it makes the novel all the more enjoyable for his part in the adventure.

BK Bostick has written a thoroughly enjoyable middle-grade mystery novel that can be enjoyed by readers of all ages. I can’t wait to read the continuation of Huber, Scott, and Hannah’s adventure!

** Because I love Scott so much and because BK Bostick lent some of his time, Scott will be dropping by Imaginary Reads tomorrow in a character interview!! I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. **


An ARC was provided by the publisher for review purposes.
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