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NetGalley Month

Thursday, July 7, 2011
I'm just going to parrot Kris here. So apparently, July is NetGalley month and I'm supposed to read as many books from NetGalley as I can (in July, obviously). I have no idea how that will go since I'm going to be stuck in a summer camp that leaves me no time since I'm learning about the fundamentals of computer science for seven hours a day and I'm supposed to sleep at 10:30pm. But, ohwell!

My list:

  1. Legacy
  2. Tris & Izzie
  3. tbc... (stay tuned after the commercial!
The original post at Red House Books is here

2 comments on "NetGalley Month"
  1. Oh cool! I just got an ARC of Tris and Izzie. It looks great!

  2. I just finished Legacy. Not my favorite and it's long. I'll be looking for your opinion of it.

    I'm doing the netgalley challenge too. I've read two so far. Besides Legacy, I have also read Spellbound.


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