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Imaginary Reads Redesigned

Monday, July 11, 2011

You'll have noticed that Imaginary Reads has been redesigned again. We wanted to give it all the finishing touches before we said anything, so we can promise that this is the last time it'll go any major changes.

We know that many of you liked that last design. We did too. However, it didn't feel like us. The driving idea behind Imaginary Reads is that reading brings our imaginations to life. It takes us soaring past the skies and into the imaginary realms. The new design expresses this idea.

Another reason for the new design was presentability. With the redesign, the pages now load faster. The new design is simpler and only contains one background image, which means there is less content to upload before the page is brought up. There is also more contrast between the background and the text, so the reading experience should be easier on the eyes.

This is a reading blog. We blog because we love books and want to share this love with you. Our first priority is content. The next is to present this content to you in the best manner possible. We hope that you love the new design as much as we do!

P.S. You can now return to the "home page" by clicking on the header! (Note: Unless you click on the top right corner, you can't. I'm going to make it a clickable header once I'm out of my summer camp, Hikari.)

3 comments on "Imaginary Reads Redesigned"
  1. Hey guys. The new design looks gorgeous and I think you've definitely succeeded in all of the areas you wanted reworked.

    I have to ask - who does your blog design for you?

    The Word Fiend

  2. Hikari created our current design! :)

  3. Great design. It's really easy to read.


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