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Birthday Palooza: Day 1 Challenge

Sunday, July 31, 2011
iLive, iLaugh, iLove Books

Today is the kickoff day for Lucia's Birthday Palooza at iLive iLaugh iLove Books. Don't forget to drop by her blog and wish her a happy birthday palooza!!

Day 1 Challenge
ARC is my favorite acronym. We all know it stands for "advanced reading copy," but can you think of more things it can stand for?

Yes, I can! (It doesn't mean they all make sense, but hey. My mind words in weird ways.)

ARC: A Real Character (you know there are false ones, like Tasha. Oh, Tasha. Why couldn't you accept Rose and Dimitri's relationship? Vampire Academy reference)

ARC: Amy is a Righteous Character (Who's Amy? I don't know!)

ARC: Acronyms! Really! Cool! (Yes, they are! But Kris. Why are you talking like a caveman? Err... I mean cavewoman?)

I have no idea. I guess I'll call it a day for now, or you'll all think I'm a lunatic. I mean. What kind of person has a conversation with herself and parentheses?
3 comments on "Birthday Palooza: Day 1 Challenge"
  1. How about Attach, Retrieve, Capture


    wait for it....

    another random conspiracy!

  2. Haha... those are good ones. I especially love the last one!!

    Another Random Conspiracy. That could be a club activity :D

  3. This is fun. :)

    Aardvarks Rarely Curse

    Alternate Reality Created

    Always Relatively Crazy

    I could keep going, but I don't think anything is going to measure up to Another Random Conspiracy. :)


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