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Author Interview: Lauren Oliver

Tuesday, July 19, 2011
Today, we have a very special guest here at Imaginary Reads. Lauren Oliver is here to talk a little about her writing in an interview!

Ninety-five days, and then I’ll be safe.
I wonder whether the procedure will hurt.
I want to get it over with.
It’s hard to be patient.
It’s hard not to be afraid while I’m still uncured, though so far the deliria hasn’t touched me yet.
Still, I worry.
They say that in the old days, love drove people to madness.
The deadliest of all deadly things: It kills you both when you have it and when you don’t.

Being published is exciting in itself, but there must be other bonuses to seeing your name in print! Tell us some fun things you've done since becoming an author that you never thought you'd do/hadn't done before.
This year I’m going on tour in Germany, and I’m also going to visit a school in Sweden that is performing a musical rendition of Before I Fall. And, of course, I’ve spoken at tons of schools and met amazingly enthusiastic readers and writers; plus I’ve had a limo driver hold up a sign with my name on it a lot! All of those things were pretty unimaginable before.

It sounds amazing. It seems like you're touring all around the Western world. What do you enjoy most about writing in itself?
Working in my pjs isn’t bad! But what I like most about it is the ability/opportunity to access this private other-world, this secret space that is mine to grow and explore.

If you were to write a spinoff from another person's perspective in Delirium, who's point of view would you write from and why?
Hana’s—and, actually, I am doing a small excerpt, kind of like a mini-novella, from Hana’s perspective this fall. It will be available online.

I love Hana! I'm excited to hear that we'll get to reading something from her point of view!! I want her for my bff. If you had the chance to meet some characters from your novels, who would you talk to and what would you say?
If I could meet Rachel or Aunt Carol, I’d probably give them a swift kick in the shins! No, but seriously…I’d want to meet Lena. I have a lot of affection for her. She’s thoughtful and smart and very brave, in her own way. I would want to tell her that she will be okay.

I hope everything goes all right for her. And Alex! What's this madness I hear about some other guy coming in to steal her heart (in Pandemonium)?!?! Getting back to lighter topics... Someone wants to start a line of products based off your novels. What kind of product would you like to see there?
That’s such a great question! OMG. It’s so difficult to answer. Maybe some Delirium-inspired lip gloss…guaranteed to get you kissed (and infected!). J

Mhm... sounds like something I'd pick up in the stores. You've written both a contemporary novel with slight paranormal elements and a dystopian novel. If you were to write in another genre, what genre would you write in and why?
Well, my first middle-grade book, Liesl and Po, comes out this fall…so that’s a new genre! But to be honest, I never think about genre when I’m developing an idea for a book. I start with character or theme, mostly—I’m not really interested in categories and my main goal is to keep exploring the stories I love, no matter what genre they eventually fall into.

Thanks interviewing with us!

And don't forget! The special edition of Delirium comes out on August 2nd. If you want a matching cover to the second book Pandemonium coming out March 2012, then you'll be interested in getting a copy!

Lauren's Website | Facebook | Twitter
Lauren Oliver grew up in Westchester, New York and lives in Brooklyn now, which she believes is the happiest place on earth. She loves to write, read, cook, and totter around in improbably high heels. Her favorite things are: friends who make you laugh until you think you might pee; great food you can eat with your hands; and long summer nights, preferably spent on a beach. Her least favorite things are bananas and people who tell you your ideas are bad or impossible. Boring! She is addicted to jeans, coffee, and fun, but she is also a hard worker and she loves to run, kickbox, and contort herself into funny yoga positions. She believes in karma, kindness, and cookies.

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  1. Great interview. I can't wait to read pandemonium and am excited to hear Lauren is writing a middle grade book too.


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