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Friday, June 10, 2011
Book Blogger Hop


This is a really, really, really hard question. There are so many books that I enjoy. Many author blogs that I love to follow. And they all seem like such awesome, awesome people.

If I had to choose one author though, I'd love to meet Sarah Dessen. I'm currently reading my third Sarah Dessen book, and I'm already enchanted by her writing--have been since I read Just Listen (my first Sarah Dessen book). Her writing is so real, descriptive, and vivid. The characters are far from perfect, and they're unique, each with a different hobby, suffering from a different issue. With each new character, she helps us look into their lives and understand them, their friends, and family.  You always feel like you can relate to them and understand their situations.

Yes, I took the opportunity to go on a Sarah Dessen rant! Any suggestions for the next Sarah Dessen book I read? (So far, I've read Just Listen, The Truth about Forever, and I'm reading This Lullaby. I'm also on my library's hold list for What Happened to Goodbye.) Or authors that write similar books?
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9 comments on "Book Blogger Hop (6)"
  1. Great choice, just blogging by.

  2. I read the Truth About Forever, and just picked up Along for the Ride from the library, but haven't started it yet. She seems like such a nice lady. I think she's the one who gives out food at BEA, unless I'm confusing her with someone else. :)
    Happy Friday!
    kathy from Read This Instead

  3. Hello from the hop!
    Ah, yes. Sarah Dessen is a wonderful author! I read That Summer by her and it was very well-written.
    I'd love to meet Suzanne Collins too. I just have so many questions about her novels and her writing.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Hi. I've just found and followed you through the Hop. I must say your blog design is GORGEOUS.

    Sarah Dessen is absolutely on my to-read list. I can't believe I haven't read her already; I've heard nothing but excellent things.

  5. Wow! Every answer I’ve read is a great one. Some have been surprising, too.

    The one author I have to meet before I die? Tricky question! It took me a long time – much longer than usual – to come up with an answer.

    Who’s that author I’m dying to meet?

    Hop this way to find out my roguish answer –

    Howard A. Sherman, Implementor

  6. I haven't read anything by Sarah Dessen yet, but I have been hearing such wonderful things about her!

    here is my hop:

  7. *Fangirl spazzing* I love Sarah Dessen too! I haven't missed a single book by her, she's that good! She (along with Meg Cabot) introduced me to the world of YA books and I've never stopped liking her writing (: My favourites were Along for the Ride, Just Listen, The Truth About Forever and recently What Happened to Goodbye!

    Check out my Book Blogger Hop
    and Follow Friday :D

  8. This book was so good! It was my first Sarah Dessen book and I really enjoyed it. The character is a random mix of people from all over the place and it seemed so realistic and engaging. Oh, and of course Wes is a complete stud! He is such a great love interest for Macy, who is distraught from her father's sudden death.


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