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Saturday, May 14, 2011
One of the great horrors of the ages is having to manage priorities. At first, it doesn't sound hard. Momentary pleasures versus the big decision? Reading or studying? The vast majority will, in the end, vote for studying. That's what I did.

Still, after having made the decision, you'll get a nagging feeling, a desire to enter your imagination and escape from the big decision. You'll open your textbook only to hear the whispers of another land calling you. You'll count down the days till you can curl up on the couch with that good old friend of yours. And at last, in the wake of the storm, you'll open that book!!

Okay, I'm exaggerating a tad bit, but I really have been counting down the days till I hit my week-long break in exams. I have much to catch up on.

The first thing I did after exams ended was read this:

Isn't that such a beautiful cover? It has to be my favorite out of the first three books.

I'll post my review later. For now, I am still in the middle of examinations.

Next on my list of to-read books are Darklight and Across the Universe.

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